Casting Call Short Film


Casting Call Short Film
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Florida
Circle of 3 Films is currently casting principal and supporting roles for a “Video Short” based on true events.

Location of Casting: Ormond Beach, Florida

Date: August 22nd First Reads, August 23rd & 24th Call Backs.


Character Breakdown:

1) Allie – Principal
-Brunette, Blonde or Red Head-
Early 20’s Allie is the girl others admire and envy. Very popular on campus and with the surfing crowd. Focused but not afraid to have a good time. A beautiful signing voice along with a naughty playful side. After graduation, Allie could write her own ticket for sucess.

* You must have a nice look, in good shape, above average singing voice, fit body, good swimmer, willing to surf*
2) Heather – Supporting
-Prefer Blonde but not required-
Early 20s. A beautiful young tough girl, whose social status is somewhere between cheerleader and surfer chic. A deep soul but enjoys the attention of men and the trappings of their money. Heather and Allie are the closest of friends.

*You must be in GOOD SHAPE head to toe, good swimmer, willing to surf*
3) Evan – Supporting -Athlete, Strong Build…not bodybuilder, any hair color or bald/shaved head-23 to 25 A former athlete with boy next door looks who can’t let go of his past glory. Drugs were a place to let go and forget what he lost. Evan holds Allie very close to his heart. The question if Allie and Evan were once an item leave us contemplating. Allie and Evan share a deep connection.

*Must be athletic, average to above average build, good swimmer, willing to surf*

**Email a Head Shot, Full Body Front Facing Shot, Your Resume, your real or a link to any work(s), portfolio etc.**


VERY IMPORTANT If you are chosen for our casting, sides will be emailed to you by August 15th, 2011. Along with directions and time for your appointment in Ormond Beach, Florida.

Circle of 3 Films will Produce 5 Films over the next 2 years…
1 Drama Short (based on true events) -Casting Now
2 Paranormal Features (Horror/supernatural) Based on history and fiction.
1 Zombie Feature (comedy/horror) Based on naturally occurring events.
1 Thriller Feature (dramatic true story) Based on the 1950’s.

We look forward to hearing from you

Best wishes,
Circle if 3 Films

Casting Location: Florida
Contact email:

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    Forget this posting. It’s FAKE. This guy Lars Hutch never pays anyone. He is a POSER. No experience whats so ever. Best avise…stay away from this bum.


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