Charleston American Idol Tryouts 2011 – 2012 Season


American Idol is now casting for the new season and is going cross country looking for the next American Idol!

3 more auditions are left for season 11 of the show and the next one will be held in Charleston

July 22nd – The American Idol casting search comes to Charleston for season 11 auditions.

Charleston Idol auditions will be held July, 22 nd at the North Charleston Coliseum

Registration is a must! As with other Idol Tryouts, registration will be held the 2 days prior to the auditions. Registration – July 20 and July 21.
Those not registered will not be seen. Only those with wristbands will be allowed to audition and wristbands will be given out during the registration process.

Wristbands will be distributed from approximately 7:00 AM on Wednesday, July 20, until approximately 8:00 AM on Friday, July 22. Auditioners will not be permitted to camp out. Once auditioners obtain their wristbands, they will be asked to return to the North Charleston Coliseum by 5:00 AM on Friday, July 22.

After the Charleston date, 2 more auditions are scheduled for this summer, Denver at the end of July and Houston in August.

More info about the 2011 2012 American Idol Tryouts

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  1. Kayla carter

    Hey can sing i know people tell yoy that all the time but its true!!! I really can i just dont have a way down there please help me you wont be sorry


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