Home Remodel Show – Nationwide

By | March 21, 2011

Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Nationwide
Have you recently gone through a life change where you kicked an addiction, stopped a bad habit, endured the loss of a loved one, went through a difficult breakup, had a career change, went through a divorce etc. and are ready to turn a new leaf? If you need a fresh start and are ready for that start to begin with your environment then this is the perfect opportunity for you. In this incredible new documentary series, our professional designer and new beginnings expert puts her knowledge and skills towards transforming your living space into a new inspiring environment that will set you on a course for success. If you would like to participate in this transformative home and life makeover show and have recently gone through a life change please email us a photo of your space and a brief description of your recent change in circumstances to rehabitat2011@gmail.com

Casting Location: Nationwide
Contact email: rehabitat2011@gmail.com

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