“The Voice” Auditions


Open Call Schedule for “The Voice”

NBC announced open calls for a brand new talent competition called “The Voice”. “The Voice” is a singing competition that claims to try to find “The best voice in the US”.

The voice will have a totally different audition process, the blind audition. The producers only want a person’s voice to matter and have created an audition process that allows the singers to perform without ever being seen. Appearance and stage presence has nothing to do with these auditions. The only thing that matters is The Voice.

Please remember, this is an OPEN CALL audition – a long wait line is anticipated, so bring warm clothes, water and snacks.

Because of the huge crowds that are expected at the auditions and the cold weather, the show has created an audition time for singers based on their last names.

The following call times are for the Nashville and Miami Open Call for “The Voice”

If your last name starts with A through M, please check into your auditions at 8AM
If your last name is N through z, please check in at 2PM.

The Voice is based on the hit show “The Voice of Holland”

It’s all about the Voice and only the best need apply!
This is a show about real talent, the best voice, right attitude, unique sound and performance that makes a lasting impression.

Please also note that line start at 8AM and the doors will open at 9AM

MIAMI, FL – January 21, 2011
S.I.R. Studios – 12200 NE 14th Ave., No. Miami, FL 33161

NASHVILLE, TN – January 22, 2011
S.I.R. Studios – 1101 Cherry Ave., Nashville, TN 37203

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – January 28, 2011
Taylor Sound – 2921 N. 2nd St., Minneapolis, MN 55411

AUSTIN, TX – January 29, 2011
Music Lab – 500 E Saint Elmo Rd., Austin, TX 78745

LOS ANGELES, CA – February 4, 2011
CenterStaging – 3350 Winona Ave, Burbank, CA 91504

SEATTLE, WA – February 11, 2011
S.I.R. Studios – 3631 Interlake Ave North, Seattle, WA 98103