Acting Auditions Paris France – actors wanted for film


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location: Paris, France

Category: Film

Seeking two males, age 23, and one female, age 21, to portray legendary literary personalities in a short film to be shot in Paris Jan. 29 – Feb. 2.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Paris, France
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  1. Hein Hillmer

    Hello, my name is Hein Hillmer

    I am 21years old, and a white male originally from South Africa. (Yes, I do still have my accent)

    I have been in the U.S for over 2years, and in my 3rd year of University. I am also a swimmer and I do modeling and acting on the side.

    I have accomplished many tasks in the modeling and acting industry in South Africa from pageants, to runway, commercial, to print work, presenting to radio personality. I have been in theatre for years and have performed many shows. I have recently been featured in the new upcoming film “Sons and Fathers” and was asked to take part in a TV Series with A&E but had to turn it down due to my travels to Los Angeles for meetings. I have done acting workshops, with well known L.A Director Tom Logan as well who has become a friend.
    I have received my gold in ballroom dancing and very quick to pick up new styles or follow along. I did hiphop for a year and half until ballroom and swing dancing got the better of me.
    I also did Jazz for 4years and continue to sing in musicals and on the daily.

    I am a really friendly, faithful and responsible young gentleman who is hardworking, and never thinks of giving up. I love to learn, especially from my mistakes and from any criticism that I receive. I am normally the one always putting smiles on peoples faces, even if it means taking a pie to my face.

    If I am what you are looking for, I would love to take part, if not, good luck and God Bless with the rest of your castings 🙂


    Hein Hillmer


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