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James Ogilvy (working title)
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location: Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

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Audition Call for Feature Film Short
“JAMES OGILVY” (Working Title)
We Were Here Inc./aView Productions
Nature of Project: Feature Film (Short)
Status of Project: Non-Union
Executive Producer: Karen A. Thompson
Producer: Jeffrey Richardson
Director: Karen A. Thompson
Casting Director: Babs Jona
Audition Dates: July 7th & July 8th (tentative dates)
Audition Location: Toronto, Ontario
Shoot Dates: August 17th 18th, 19th, 2012
Rain Dates: Sept. 1st 2nd, 3rd 2012
Submission Deadline: July 3rd, 2012

A successful investment banker, James Ogilvy’s only interest is landing the next big deal. While in Jamaica to settle his late father’s affairs, James’s main focus is making a large profit as he sells off his father’s assets – including the estate his housekeeper, Sherl and her daughter, Lecia live in. When Lecia is kidnapped, James learns of his father’s investigation into the island’s sex-trafficking trade and how his own greedy pursuits aided in Lecia’s abduction.

Character breakdown:

James Ogilvy: Male, Lead. (36) (Caucasian). (Think Michael Muhney type from Y&R) Attractive,charming, sophisticated. Very accomplished yet still hungry for more (think Leonardo Dicaprio’s character in Blood Diamond).

Davis Atherton: Male, Principal. (Late 50’s) (Caucasian) Very successful, wealthy, aristocratic. Atherton will stop at nothing to make money. The antagonist, he is manipulative, crafty, and cunning (think of Anthony Hopkins’ character from Silence of the Lambs).

Charles Turner: Male, Principal. (60’s) (Black Caribbean-Jamaican).James Ogilvy’s father’s solicitor. Reserved, educated, very dignified. Comes from the old school tradition. Must be able to do a Jamaican accent (or Jamaican dialect).

Sherlyn “Sherl” Donovan: Female, Principal. (33) (Black Caribbean-Jamaican). A natural beauty, generations of strength and pride flow from her. (Think Angela Bassett’s strengths, Sophie Okenedo’s (Hotel Rwanda) vulnerability). Must be able to do a Jamaican accent (or Jamaican dialect) (Some nudity required for this role).

Treads: Male, Principal. (early 30’s) (Black Caribbean-Jamaican). Street smart, and slick, but not jaded by life’s adversities, still has faith in the goodness life has to offer. Must be able to do a Jamaican accent (or Jamaican dialect).

Lecia Donovan: Female, Principal. (11yrs) (Black Caribbean-Jamaican). Sherl’s daughter, sweet and innocent, pleasant, polite, well mannered. (Think Amandla Steinberg type,The Hunger Games).

Young Girl: (Female non-speaking role) (12yrs) (Black-Caribbean-Jamaican) Blossoming puberty. Self-esteem has been beaten down.

Two Henchmen: (Male-non-speaking roles) – (Black) (late 20’s)

Submissions: Please forward resumes/headshots and/or demo reels to :
Attention: Babs Jona
Urban Images Casting

** Demo reel links will be accepted and welcomed by emails
but not mandatory.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Contact email:

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