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“The Vexing” (based off the book)
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location: Ohio

Category: Film

Please send recorded monologues/video auditions to:

Feature film needs small cast and crew
(All non-paid, copy and credit)

Cast Needed

Parise – Mixed (or appears to be), thin, can display an array of emotions, timid to aggressive, pretty.
Must be comfortable with kissing on screen.

Rodd – Caucasian, strong stature, law enforcement type, sincere, stern yet compassionate, able to cry in climax scene

Torch – Either African American/Mexican, or both, strong, feisty, thuggish, (preferably) has tattoos, can speak or learn select Spanish phrases.
Must be comfortable with kissing on screen.

Kitti – Mixed or African American, very pretty, promiscuous. Represents an important social issue.
Must be comfortable dancing provocatively in a scene.

Paul Dawson – Father to Sylvia (second lead). Caucasian Male, middle aged or can play middle aged, three scenes. One emotional scene.

Aggressive Male – African American. Must be comfortable with on camera fighting, and portraying violence toward lead actress.

Need many extras as well!

Crew Needed
Production Manager
Script Supervisor
Assistant location scout
Assistant Director
Assistant Camera

Will work closely with Playwright/Executive Producer,
Meladi McNair
On Facebook and Twitter

All need to be able to fully commit for a few months for rehearsals and production!
Roles require work, dedication and some flexibility, as things may change.

I also need understudy’s for roles listed and unlisted.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Ohio
Contact email:

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