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location: San Francisco, California

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Fog Line Films is casting four available roles for the upcoming web series, Farm House, from multi-award winning series creator, Forrest Naylor, to be filmed in March 2013 in the Anderson Valley (wine country) in Northern California. Below is the synopsis of the story, followed by the roles to be cast. Copy, credit, meals, travel and lodging will be provided. If interested, please send photos, resume and links to any online work to: to be considered for an audition, and please state what role you are interested in.

Farm House ~ Synopsis

Farm House is an original web series about Buster and Rose Shepherd, a married couple from the city who finally after many years of saving buy their dream house in the country – a large old farmhouse. The day they move in, Buster disappears, leaving his wallet and identification behind – his car later found on the side of the highway out of gas.

A year passes and with their savings dwindling, Rose can no longer make the mortgage payments on the farmhouse. Convinced Buster will one day return, Rose decides to rent out the extra rooms in order to make up for Buster’s lost income, one to her beautiful cousin, Velvet, and the other rooms to complete strangers – Sasha, a young ex-doctor and his submissive wife, Mackenzie, and Linus and Delilah, a father and daughter reunited after thirteen years when Linus is released from prison after being found innocent for a crime he didn’t commit.

Another year goes by. With little hope remaining, Rose decides to sell the farmhouse and go traveling with a man who has just recently swept her off her feet. But those plans come to a screeching halt when after two years of absence, Buster walks in the front door, a victim of memory loss.

This is where the story begins…

Oh… yes… one more little thing: there’s another roommate Buster will have to meet. A roommate only Buster can see. Her name is Jezebel. Jezebel Darling. And Jezebel Darling is dead.


Jezebel Darling: Mid twenties to early thirties woman. A beautiful spirit in the farmhouse from the 1930’s era, who only Buster can see. Develops a deep, interesting relationship with Buster, which add tension and complications to his marriage.

Velvet: Late twenties, sultry cousin of Rose. From city. Used to be a dancer in a top dance company, when she suffered an ankle injury that ended her dancing career.

Sasha Hurt: Mid thirties ex-young hot-shot doctor who lost his license when he took out his friends tonsils while they were drunk, subsequently causing his friend to bleed to death. Still has an air of arrogance about him. Know-it-all-type.

Dylan Green: Late thirties to early forties man, who Rose meets a few months before Buster returns. Can’t seem to let her go even though Buster has returned. He’s a lyricist for bands and singers.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: San Francisco, California
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