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“Jericho House” Casting Call for Voice Actors
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location: Seattle, WA

Category: Film

Project: “Jericho House”
Writer/Director: Jennifer DiMarco
Cinematographer/Animator: Brianne DiMarco
Format: Animated Feature Film
Genre: Psychological Drama/Horror
Rating: R
Important Dates:
Auditions held by phone through July 18
Casting on July 19
Recording on July 21 and one day in September

Description: “Some Families Are Better Off Shattered” Diving into a dystopian near-future where metaphysics, literature and science collide, this animated feature for adults is a dark drama that juggles neglect, addiction, rivalry and power dynamics set against a firestorm of world religion and the politics of desire. With layers of dysfunction that unravel unexpectedly, unknown horrors behind every door, and a reality twisted by personal perception, “Jericho House” mirrors “American Horror Story” and “Dream House,” with a world mythology as rich with conflicting religions, morality plays, sensuality and politics as the compelling “Caprica.”

Blue Forge Productions is hiring nine voice actors to lend their talents to “Jericho House” (

Download sides from:

Email to schedule your phone audition. The project requires a one-hour commitment on Saturday, July 21, to record the trailer, and one day to record the film in September. Actors will be paid $100 upon recording the film with craft service supplied during the meal break. All recording occurs in Seattle.


Jared: Male. Caucasian. Late thirties. Celebrity explorer. Adrenaline junky. Husband of Jo, father of Juliet and Jericho.

Jo: Female. Caucasian. Late thirties. Best-selling author. Upper class. Wife of Jared, mother of Juliet and Jericho.

Juliet: Female. Caucasian. Mid-twenties. Graduate student. Literate, articulate, intelligent, sexy. Jericho’s twin.

Jericho: Male. Caucasian. Mid-twenties. Introverted, reticent, risk-taker, damaged. Juliet’s twin.

Adrian: Transgender (female to male). Japanese. Mid-twenties. Poetic, passionate, soft spoken, brave. Juliet’s lover.

Lena: Female. Latina. Mid-twenties. Artist, new mother, sensual, understanding. Wife to Jericho, Levi, Isaac and Rebekah.

Levi: Male. African American. Late-twenties. Chemist, masculine, tough-love attitude, a leader. Husband to Lena, Levi, Isaac and Rebekah.

Isaac: Male. Caucasian. Early twenties. Punk, sarcastic, self-effacing, a follower. Husband to Lena, Levi, Jericho and Rebekah.

Rebekah: Female. Caucasian. Twenty. Naive, sweet, punk, feminine. Wife to Jericho, Levi, Isaac and Lena.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Seattle, WA
Contact email:

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