“Drop Dead Diva” Open Casting Call

By | December 27, 2013

Drop Dead Diva” is coming back in 2014 for Season 6!

Casting directors at Marinella Casting will be holding an open casting call for extras in Tyrone Georgia (Just south of Atlanta). The production is seeking many different types which include stand-ins, lawyer types, people who are very tan, fashion runway model types, medical staff such as nurses, doctors, EMT’s, REAL police officers, twins, 1970’s looking African American men and women, people of mixed ethnicity and others of all ethnicities. This is 18 and over only!

for another season and casting directors will be holding an open casting call for extras in the Georgia area.

Also, the company is seeking background talent for a film that will be filming in 2014. The film project’s name is currently being withheld.

This is for paid extras – extras can expect to be paid on an hourly basis about the equivalent of the hourly minimum wage and can expect to work on set for at least 8 hours.

Even though the show, “Drop Dead Diva“,  films in Georgia, the story is set in a trendy Los Angeles law office.
“Drop Dead Diva” is the story of how a “all about the looks” model dies and comes back to life in the body of a plus sized lawyer, who also recently died. The show is about this very shallow woman now having to deal with not being in her former gorgeous body. In the show she begins to learn lessons about what is important as she deals with her new life and new career. The show follows one woman’s quest to find her inner beauty. Blonde and vain model Deb dies and is sent back to Earth at the pearly gates given another chance to do something worthwhile in her life. Accidentally, she returns to a body that belongs to a overweight lawyer named Jane where she needs to learn how to be a lawyer and deal with her now heavier body.

Drop Dead Diva airs on Lifetime TV
Extras for TV show


Casting Notice:

Open Casting Call: January 4th, 2014
This open call is for ages 18 and over only please
Location: Southcrest Bank Shopping Plaza :
105 St Stephens suite “D”
TYRONE GA 30219 – located in front of the Legacy Theatre (Tyrone Georgia is just South of Atlanta)
Time: 8am – 1 pm ( Show up anytime between these hours )

  •  Experienced Stand-Ins: with a resume and headshot – Positions that could work the entire run of show!
  •  Female Model type’s : Tall, leggy and Fashionable. Men: Fashionable with Runway flair.
  •  Beverly Hills Lawyer types, with upscale wardrobe also some Blonde and Brunette men and women with healthy tans, defined jawlines and a prominent appearance.
  •  Real Medical Staff: EMT, NURSE, DOCTOR, also REAL Police and Military personnel.
  •  Twins, red-heads, and unique looking facial features.
  •  African American Men and Women with 70’s Period, natural hair , Women that are classic looking in their appearance with flawless skin.
  •  Specifically seeking people of Mixed Ethnicity , Seeking ALL TYPES 18 and over
  • We will be taking your photo so follow these guidelines closely :
  • Please arrive dressed in your best fashionable upscale event outfit. Both men and women, please have your hair and makeup as camera ready as possible, Men, PLEASE use hair product. ; )
  •  Please know your measurements including your hat and neck, waist, inseam, shoe, jacket, dress size, etc.

Please note that this project is only for adults who are at least 18 years of age. At the moment no casting notices have been release for kids or teens.  Those interested can attend the open casting call to meet with casting directors. You do not need to bring photos because the production’s staff will be taking pictures at the event. The production is asking that people come well dressed with hair and makeup already done and ready to be taken a picture of.

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4 thoughts on ““Drop Dead Diva” Open Casting Call

  1. Jessica L.

    I missed the deadline, however I fit the criteria almost perfectly. Please contact me if any other positions pop up.
    I’m 5’8 all legs, tan, blonde, a soon to compete diva bikini fitness model, ashy blonde hair breast length, grey/blue/golden eyes, flawless skin, straight smile.

  2. Kenesha

    I went to the casting call, hopefully I get a call back or something!!! That would be nice….

  3. Holly Gunter

    If you are still looking for unique red head, and a licensed EMT we are interested. We found out about the casting calls too late! I will be glad to send photo’s!

  4. Damien Cox

    Name: Damien Cox
    age: 20
    race: African american
    eye: Brown
    talent: acting, singing, drawing
    experience: theater play.


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