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Apprentice (Commercial Demo)
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location: Chicago,IL

Category: TV Commercial

I am an aspiring commercial director/ editor and this project is designed to be a portfolio piece/demonstration of myself and my crew’s skills at creating commercials.

There will be no monetary compensation for those who agree to participate on this project but we do agree to provide food and drink and a copy of the finished product for all participants.

That being said, this project is a basketball commercial that can be summed up as a man to man training spot featuring an aspiring basketball player playing a game of one on one against his veteran coach. The narrative will portray the symbolic passing of the torch from the aging savvy vet to the youthful apprentice. The spot is to be shot in high contrast, low key lighting in the noir film style. The shoot will take place in a gym.

We already have the young apprentice cast. What we are looking to cast through this posting is the aging savvy veteran coach. He should be a male in his 30’s/40’s who is in acceptable physical shape considering that he will be performing basketball techniques in a real gym

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Chicago,IL
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