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Where: Phoenix, AZ
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Type: Film

Second Feature Productions is casting for the ultra-low budget independent feature film ‘We Three’, a character-driven comedy-drama to be shot in Phoenix.

Longtime couple Chelsea and Troy look to add some spice to their sex life by having a threesome with their friend Amber. But the tryst has unexpected consequences when Amber discovers she’s pregnant. Amber is forced to move in with Chelsea and Troy as the three of them try to deal with their jealousies, insecurities, the harsh opinions of their friends and family, and their own ideas about maturity and responsibility as they prepare for the baby and develop new perspectives on the idea of family.


CHELSEA (female, 24) Typically straight-laced, she decides to experiment with her wilder side only to find her well-ordered life with Troy in turmoil. She tries to play the mature, level-headed one, but has a hard time maintaining her emotions against the strain Amber puts on the relationship, as well as pressure from her ultra-conservative mother to live a traditional life. [This role requires some brief topless nudity and scenes of implied sexuality.]

TROY (male, 25) Though he thinks he’s lucked into the ultimate male fantasy, he soon finds he’ll need to grow up real fast, balancing his loyalty to Chelsea with his new responsibilities to Amber. Never quite sure that he’s ready for adulthood, is he mature enough to handle being a father, especially with two women in his life? [This role requires a scene of implied sexuality.]

AMBER (female, 24) Used to living reckless and in the moment, she finds herself in way over her head now that she has three other people – Chelsea, Troy, and the baby – relying on her to be responsible, something she’s never been able to be before. Is she being trapped in a confining family relationship she doesn’t want, or does she need to figure out how to grow up and take a new, less self-centered path in life? [This role requires some brief topless nudity and a scene of implied sexuality.]


MAY (female, 26) Amber’s girlfriend, until she is forced to deal with feelings of betrayal after Amber’s rash decision ruins their relationship. She proves herself to be the strongest and most mature in the story.

BRENDA (female, late-40s) She raised Chelsea in a very conservative, traditional home, and now worries about her daughter’s decision to “live in sin” with Troy. Chelsea keeps the sordid details of her life a secret from her mother as long as she can, but Chelsea’s Mom knows something has gone very wrong.

ALEC (male, 30s) A professional photographer, but is he a legit artist or a sleaze? Every time you think you’ve got him figured out, he says something that makes you think otherwise.

Auditions will be held on March 3.

Principal photography is scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays between April 13 and May 26. Lead roles will receive a percentage of net profit contingent upon sale, plus meals and a daily stipend for transportation.

To schedule an audition time, send a headshot and resume to with your preferred time window for Sunday March 3rd, and the role/s you’d like to audition for.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Phoenix, AZ
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