Indie Feature Film is Casting Lead Roles in New Mexico

By | November 27, 2014

Independent Film in pre-production is looking for main cast in NM area.

My name is Thomas Kwiat and I am gearing up for a Feature film. We wont officially start looking at casting until January but I want to get this out early and start striking up interest. We will have various options for Cast and will look at anyone who is appropriate for a role.

We are looking to begin Fundraising in January of 2015 and look to begin shooting in August of 2015. This will be a paying gig.

Here is a brief synopsis of the film.

“Steve, a Professional Bowler who suffers from cerebral palsy. On the drive back, from a bowling tournament, Steve is involved in a Fatal car crash that takes the life of his best friend and may cost him his own freedom of being able to walk again. At his lowest point in life he finds strength from his friends and family to defy the odds and return to his former greatness as a Professional Bowler.”

Here is a Brief Break Down of what I will Need (More information will be released about the characters will be released when we send out request for more information)

2- Male Protagonist (Jim and Eric) Mid 20s
2- Male Antagonist (Bryce and Jordan) Mid-Late 20s
4- Female Supporting Roles (Sally, Shannon, Rebecca, Alice) Late teens/Late 20s
1- Male Supporting Role (Wally) Early 50’s

And Various Cameo Appearances. (Nurses/Doctors/Business Owners/Bowlers)

Please Send Your Head Shots, IMDB, A Reel, Rates, and a brief Bio about yourself. This is a Drama film that deals with Very Mature Content (IE. Death, Physical Disabilities, Infidelity).

I cannot wait to hear from Everyone Please Send all of your Information to
Westoakstreetproductions (at) yahoo (dot) com

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