Jack Black “Goosebumps” Online auditions for lead role

By | March 2, 2014

Auditions for the lead role of ‘Dwayne’ are now available online for anyone wanting to try out to snag a lead in this Jack Black remake of the classic R.L. Stine children’s books and 90’s TV series.

The film is looking for a teen to a young adult to play the role of ‘Dwayne‘. There was an open casting call last month and if you missed it, you still have a shot because online auditions for the movie are open.

The film will shoot April through July of 2014 in the Atlanta area. You do not need to live in Atlanta to submit for this tole but you must be willing to relocate to Atlanta temporarily if you are cast to be ‘Dwayne’. You do not need to have any acting experience and production will consider actors who are 16 to 20 something. They will not consider anybody under 16 years old.

Dwayne is an African-American male, 16 to mid 20’s, a naturally funny high school student whose size is that of a football star.

Here is part of the scene which includes ‘Dwayne’
Zach is sneaking into the creepy house next door to help his friend Hannah who he thinks is in trouble. He asks his friend DWAYNE to wait outside and keep watch. Dwayne gets too scared outside by himself and comes in to find Zach.

Goosebumps casting call

Jack Black will play the creepy author who lives next door, R.L. Stine, whose books seem to come to life bringing the monsters he writes about into the open.

Sony Pictures is behind the film and the old “Goosebumps” TV series is coming to the silver screen. Rob Letterman (Monsters vs. Aliens) is directing “Goosebumps“. The story line is about a teen who happens to move in next door to the author played by Black where he somehow releases the monsters, zombies, etc. from Stine’s books, or so we hear. Guess we will have to see if ‘Slappy the dummy’ makes it back into the mix.

Those interested in auditioning online can visit the site that the films producers have set up. You better hurry because the deadline is the 11th which is coming up in a little over a week.

3 thoughts on “Jack Black “Goosebumps” Online auditions for lead role

  1. Nick Staniewicz

    It would be pretty nice to audition for this role, but i’m not african-american.

  2. Damien Cox

    My Name is Damien Cox. I am 20 years old I have experience, talent in Acting and singing. I want an audition, I can bring it to the table.


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