Actors for TV Pilot in Los Angeles (West Hollywood)


Casting actors for TV pilot shooting in the L.A. area.

Location: cazt 916 N. Formosa, West Hollywood CA 90046 – May 4, 10am-2pm

Type: TV Pilots

Jason – 31, ex-football player, takes himself too seriously. Entitled.

Fay (mother of Jason) – 48, unapologetic cougar, carefree, lives every day to the fullest.

Alex – 30, former Japanese pop-star, current ticket taker at a local movie theatre, needs attention, always acting out.

Carrie – 50s, driven, spends most of her time focuses on her career and life, not on Alex, nothing surprises her, very dry, surprised Alex is still home. VERY DRY.

Scott – 30, ex-video game champion, lives in the internet and a fantasy world, socially awkward, has a creepy relationship with his mom. Speaks with a lisp. Lanky.

Rhonda – 60, blue collared, believes there’s a certain way of doing things, pushes Scott to meet girls but keeps him at arm’s length.

Waitress – 20s, hot, ditzy. Talks like a valley girl.

Millionaire – A long-haired, but bald at the top, 50-year-old, wearing dark sunglasses.

Naked Guy – early 30s, good shape.

Narrator – good voice.

Band Mate 1 – 25-30, Asian.

Band Mate 2 – 25-30, Asian.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: cazt 916 N. Formosa, West Hollywood CA 90046 – May 4, 10am-2pm
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