Casting Call in Mobile, AL Area for Student Film “See You Later Alligator”


Mobile, Al Auditions

Type: Student Films

Short indie / student film “See You Later Alligator” is seeking non-union talent ion the Mobile, Alabama area. All roles are unpaid.

All auditions MUST be digital. Send me a link of yourself performing a prepared drama monologue lasting 1-3 minutes (with the exception of those trying out for the part of Jackson Murphy), as well as your resume to

The year is 1955. A young couple, Helen and Robert Murphy, have been married for two years, and Helen is now expecting a baby.

The young couple are not wealthy by any means, and they’re already struggling to get by with it being just the two of them. Robert can’t hold down a job for long because he’s always got his head in the clouds, dreaming of traveling to never-before-seen places.

Feeling trapped, Robert is suddenly faced with two decisions: stay in an unfulfilling marriage with a wife and child he will grow to resent or walk out on all of his responsibilities. He chooses the latter.

One day, fifty-nine years later, Helen and Robert are reunited at a Little League practice that both of their grandsons are participating in, and both of them are forced to come to term with their intertwined past.

Character Bios


Robert is a man with an adventurous soul. He wants to travel the world, and the looming shadow of fatherhood causes him to feel trapped, eventually leading to him abandoning his wife and unborn child. Physically, he’s a pale, tall-ish man with dark hair and dark eyes. He appears to be about 20 years old.


Helen Murphy is sweet, a little serious, and a domestic dream. She tries so hard to be the perfect housewife, but it’s hard with such a scatterbrained dreamer of a husband. When her husband leaves her, she doesn’t fall apart; she pulls through, and eventually she finds love again. Physically, Helen is a short girl, and she would be slender if it weren’t for the fact that she was pregnant. She appears to be about 20 years old. (It would be a HUGE BONUS if anyone interested in this part could knit.)


Michael is the man that Helen falls in love with and marries once Robert leaves her. He’s a real family man, illustrated by the fact he steps up to the plate and becomes a father to Helen and Robert’s son, Jackson Murphy, when he marries Helen. Physically, he’s tall and classically good-looking with golden blonde hair and blue eyes. He appears to be about 21.


Jackson Murphy is the child of Helen and Robert Murphy. He’s chubby with brown hair, and appears to be about a year old.


The same Robert, but older. He’s got a bit of a limp now, his hair is gray, and he’s put on some weight. He appears to be in his late 70’s.


The same Helen, but older. She walks with a cane now, his hair is gray, and he’s put on some weight. She appears to be in her later 70’s.


The great-grandchild of Helen Murphy, a direct descendent of Jackson Murphy. He’s a fun-loving, loud kid that loves playing baseball. He appears to be about 10 years old.


The grandson of Robert Murphy, a descendent of one of the children he had after he left Helen. Dax is a wild kid with lots of energy, and he loves to play baseball. He appears to be about 10 years old.

Note: This is a student film. I’m 17 years old and a high school student, and this will be my first production. I’m not going to promise that I 100% know what I am doing, but this is highly important to me, because I will be using it as the highlight of my portfolio when I apply to colleges next year. Serious inquiries only.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Mobile, Al
Please submit to:

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