Mobile Alabama Auditions for Principal, Supporting and Featured Roles in Feature Film

By | May 18, 2015

Mobile, Alabama area casting directors at Goleman Casting are seeking female actors to fill lead and supporting roles, speaking roles. 

The film is looking for actresses to fill 2 lead female roles ages 30 to 45 plus 2 more female supporting roles


Upcoming NON-UNION feature film, set to begin filming in the Mobile area, very soon. Those who submit MUST agree to work as a local hire. The breakdown of roles is below.

Lead role pay scale is $100/Day
Supporting role pay scale is $50/Day
Featured Extra role will receive credit and meal

Please include resume, headshot, and demo reel, if you have one. Make sure your resume and headshot are saved as name.pdf for resume and name.jpg for headshot.


JESSICA: 30-45 year old white female, fit and attractive (LEAD)

HANNA: 30-45 year old white female, fit and attractive (LEAD)

MRS. ADAMS: 25-30 year old black female, fit and attractive (SUPPORTING)

JASMINE AND ALLEY: 28-38 year old white females (SUPPORTING)

PACO’S NURSE: 30-35 year old female (FEATURED EXTRA)

CUTE GIRL: 28-32 year old female (FEATURED EXTRA)

JULEE: 35-40 year old female (FEATURED EXTRA)

J.T.’S WIFE: 32-38 year old white female (FEATURED EXTRA)

J.T.’S SISTER: 28-38 year old white female (FEATURED EXTRA)

HANNA’S FRIEND: 30-45 year old female (FEATURED EXTRA)

For those submitting, place the name of the role in the subject line with your name (example: JESSICA_JaneDoe submission). All submissions should be sent to

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