Disney Online Casting Auditions Have Been Extended

By | May 1, 2016

Disney is giving young actors a few more days to get their audition videos in!

A few weeks ago The Official Disney Channel / Disney XD open casting call was announced and this year, they went online. For the first time ever, Disney was holding online auditions allowing talented kids from all over the country to try out for a coveted role in one of Disney Channels new shows or movies. The open call was not without it’s problems. Minutes after going live, kids, teens and their parents were all complaining that they were unable to upload their audition videos. Not sure if the company experienced technical issues or the app was just overloaded, but many folks were unable to get their auditions in by the deadline of the 6th. Seems Disney heard the complaints and has now extended their official online casting for a few more days. The new deadline, as of now, is the 10th of the month. Talent now has a few more days to upload the videos that they were unable to a few days back.

This has been updated! Disney Channel has announced an open call this month in L.A. See Tryout for The Disney Channel – Open Auditions Announced. They also are holding online video auditions for teens nationwide, see Online Disney Channel Auditions for 2016.

The deadline to submit was only extended by a few days, so talent interested in the opportunity needs to rush it. Don’t wait for the last minute, as parents are still reporting that uploading the finished audition videos is still not going smoothly and may take quite a few tries. If you are having problems with it, you are not alone. You can check out the discussion about it here. Also, the FB post about this has a good amount of input from people who were successful in uploading their videos. A few people did mention that converting the video file to an MP4 format on their computer and then uploading the MP4, seemed to work.

Disney Channel online auditions 2016

Every year the Disney Channel and Disney XD hold a an annual talent search. Disney casting directors meet with kids, teens and their families, searching for the next breakout child star. The event is always held during the spring or summer months and this year is no different since the company announced that July 23rd is the first day that auditions will be open. This will be the first year that the annual Disney casting call will be open, online and accepting video submissions.

This time, Disney has created an app to allow talent and their parents to download the script, record a short video and upload it to the app where casting directors can view it.

Kids wanting a shot at a role on a Disney Channel or Disney XD show can check out the flyer below for all the details as well as information on how get the script, record and upload their video auditions.  The new application submission period goes through the 10th of this month. If you are looking for the Disney script, here is the link.

Please see the info-graphic below for further details on the app you will need to download to participate in the Disney Channel online open call.

Deadline extended for Disney Channel online auditions

27 thoughts on “Disney Online Casting Auditions Have Been Extended

  1. Shariff Omar III A.Maulana

    My name is shariff omar maulana. I’m 16 years old and I love acting, singing,and reading…..
    I want to audition in disney because I want to be a best actor, like my idol Zac Efron.

  2. Mehluko Dlamini

    Hi my name is Mehluko Dlamini. I’m a 13 year old from Africa. All my life I wanted to be an actor but I was always looked down upon. I really want to prove to my family and Africans that any young girl from Africa can act in a Disney channel show. I might be an African but I can act, good at mathematics and drawing. Even when I can’t sing or dance I still believe in myself that an African can act in one of disney channel shows. Please try to give me a chance to act at only one role. I’m from South Africa.

    Yours gratefully

  3. Julie

    Hi I am Julie, When I was little and I watched the children on TV I asked my dad how do you get on TV. I am 12 years old and I come from Durban. I love to act and I believe that I can be the best actor. I come from a good family and if you don’t want to hire me I will understand, thank you for reading.

  4. gervenia

    Hello i am Gervenia pearl and the reason I think I should be on Disney is because I have been doubted by friends my whole life and when I watch Disney it is like every one is family so I like to say to people I am team Disney. Here are some facts about me. I am 10 years old and I live in Florida. I want to be a model, fashion designer, actress, teacher, writer and also a producer.

  5. Kae Lois Bautista

    I’m Kae Lois Bautista from the Philippines. I am twelve years old. I’ve always wanted to be an actress ever since I was three. My grandma just died and I want to dedicate my acting career to her. I sing, dance and act. People say that I have a great personality but I think that I am not really a great person. My parents aren’t rich. My first crushes were from disney…. dylan and cole sprouse. God Bless….

  6. aisha

    I love disney family because they are united and also I dont have one.

  7. Carlos Sebastien John

    Hi… im Carlos a 14 year old Indian from Malaysia.
    I can act very well
    About 5 feet tall
    60 kilogram
    Available for casting calls anytime

  8. Carmello London

    Hi I’m carmello and I love acting. I can do a lot of impressions and I can sing pretty well and I’m 12 years old.

  9. Ian Rosado

    I love acting. I wanted to act since I was 8 years old.

  10. Amina ahmed

    I love acting, love working with others. I’m unique and have a unique laugh. I can work and those are the reasons you should hire me.

  11. kewon

    I would love to play on a disney show. I like acting and my favorite shows are kirby buckets. I’m a boy of 11, 5’3. Please accept me as my dream is to act on disney or disney xd.

  12. Natalie Mejia

    Hi am 12 years old And I can using, dance, And also act. It has always been My dream to act on t.v And act with My favorite actors which are Dove Cameron, Rowan Blanchard, and Sabrina Carpenter! I really hope that you can accept me. It would be My dream come true.


    Hi, I am Benita and am 13 years old. I can sing,dance and am totally good at acting. This has been my dream so please accept me. You guys won’t regret it.

  14. Zacarias Vargas langenbach

    Hello my name is Zacarias I am 12 years old boy brown hair. I love Disney channel and I would love to be on a show. I’ve been acting for school for a while. My dream is to become a actor. So if there is any shows let me know please, also accept me 🙂

  15. Ahmed bin khadim

    I really want to be in this series, please accept me. I am really good at memorizing lines and I’m short for my age so I can act young.

    1. Ahmed bin khadim

      I have brown hair and I can do a lot of flips. I can also do cool weird stuff, please accept me.

  16. Karen aguirre

    Me parece que disney channel es un programa muy inspirador y yo se que se lo pide todo el mundo pero porfabor quiero ser estrella de disney channel °?° 🙂

  17. cassidy deshazo

    My name is Cassidy. I love acting. I sing dance and I like gymnastics.

  18. Cassidy DeShazo

    I love Disney channel I’m great at singing and I am going to be on the radio. It would be a honor to join Disney channel. I am nine. I also model and I am a great actress.
    thank you

  19. Salina Gillooley

    My parents always put me down and so I wanted to prove them wrong so I go in to acting in school shows. Something about myself is I have black hair and dark brown eyes. I have two cats, one dog and I like to act, it is my life and I’m 11.

    1. Patricianne Reyes

      I hope you get the part! Good luck to you and everyone

  20. Selena

    i was wondering if I could do a Disney channel show with the singer and actress Selena Gomez.

  21. KeyAndre Strand

    Please contact me in LA. I have an agent. I’m 11 years old (boy)

  22. Sheri

    Hi ive I’ve been looking for a safe and free audition to show my friends and family. I am capable of doing anything and everything if I put commitment into it.

  23. Amber De Leon

    Hi I am amber I like acting, I always did it but hope you like me. Here is something about me.
    brown hair
    brown eyes
    weight around 80-90
    I am 11 years old


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