Durham, North Carolina Indie Film Casting Lead Roles


“Beyond The Living” will be holding auditions in the Durham area.

The indie film production has a call out for actors to fill lead and supporting roles in the project. They are also in need of extras in the area.

Location: Durham, North Carolina

Type: Film

Brandon – Lead role, late twenties/early thirties, in shape, loves the outdoors, army vet with ptsd (needs to be subtle, uses humor to cope), self-loathing, has tremendous guilt, afraid of dying with a tainted soul. The fact that he was a soldier is not the main focus.

Claire – Main female role, girlfriend to Brandon, feminist (never stated), older than Brandon by a few years, outdoorsy, confident, guilty about feeling frustrated withBrandon

Gary – Supporting role, late forties/early fifties, just married to Sara. Hiking the trail for their honeymoon. Non-threatening, Happy go lucky. Hopefully plays an instrument, but isn’t necessary. Recently retired.

Sara– Supporting role, early thirties, grew up privileged, opposite of outdoorsy but is trying, adventurous, intelligent

Lead Hunter – gets in a fight with the other hikers. Not looking for cliché’d redneck.

Large Hunter – gets in a fight with the other hikers. Not looking for cliché’d redneck.

Bethany – hiker/camper friends with Mary

Mary – hiker/camper friends with Bethany

Terrance – hiker camper, possibly plays instrument

Clerk – runs a mail drop convenience store on the trail

Tim – A soldier who is shot in the leg. Late twenties. Brandon’s best friend.

Durham, North Carolina feature film call for actors

FETISH HORSE FACE – Guardian of the gate, torturer, no speaking, very large

LEATHER OXHEAD – Guardian of the gate, torturer, no speaking, very large

BOAR HEADED DEMON #1-2 – very large men, willing to run through walls and break things, mask and hair-suit shorts, also covered in makeup and hair.

ALPHA BOAR HEADED DEMON – very large man, willing to run through walls and break things. Mask and a full hair suit.

DEVIL – Woman who will be wearing a prosthetic devil mask, covered in make up and hair (No nudity), must be comfortable with body and able to run gracefully.

SPIDER GODDESS/ANGEL – Will be airbrushed all black, kind of a cross between Kali, a spider, and an Egyptian god. Will be wearing pasties and skirt. Will also be playing an angel dressed in white.

SUGAR SKULL GOD – looking for androgynous, small, thin, dancer, need to be able to move on all fours gracefully in a dance as well as be able to contort body in different poses. Will be wearing mask. Shooting the scene on sand dunes.

MULTIPLE EXTRAS to play tortured people and anachronistic people Brandon hallucinates.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Durham, North Carolina
Please submit to: beyondthelivingmovie@gmail.com

This casting notice was posted by: William Hoppins

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