“The Originals” Season 3 – Casting Call for Talent To Play Vampires in Georgia

By | August 13, 2015

CW’s “The Originals” is back in production and casting talent for season 3

The show is looking for very attractive,  men and  ladies, ages 20 to 50 to play a high end, classy group of gorgeous Vampires. Talent applying needs to have a “regal” / “money” look. The show is especially interested in extras with international looks such as European, East Indian, Latin, etc. The show is also looking for talent to play attractive victims that this classy group of Vamps will be having for dinner…. This is a multi-day booking (see below for dates) and the scenes will be filming in Macon, GA and Conyers later this month. These roles will also require an in person interview / audition and a wardrobe fitting.

The Originals” is a spin-off of the popular Vampire Diaries” TV series.  The show is now in production of its 3rd season and focuses primarily on one of the Vampire families from the “Vampire Diaries“. “The Vampire Diaries” also just began production of their new season this month and also has casting calls for extras out in the Atlanta area.

The new season of “The Originals” will premiere this fall on the CW Network.

Interested? Here is the casting notice…. Atlanta locals only.

CW The Originals extras casting in NOLA


For “The Originals”, A multiple day booking (2 – 4 days!) for very upscale, higher rate men and women

READ CAREFULLY— this post has a lot of info and details that are important to know before you submit.

For gorgeous, classy, WOMEN & MEN, ages 20 – 50
Beautiful people!! … to be a part of a very high-end group of vampires and humans (being fed on)
at a very lovely upscale Gala / private party.
Everyone at the party needs to be a very attractive, gorgeous, handsome, sexy, etc… and/OR very regal/”money” look!!

-ages 20-50 .

-ALL ethnicities and nationalities!
This is a very international group!
We will especially be on the look out for East Indian, Asian, European, Swiss, German, African, Latin, etc… all types of looks for the international vibe!!

-Gowns/cocktail dresses and Tuxedos / expensive looking suits, will be worn, so IF you have your own, please list that in your submission

– Dance experience will be a PLUS to list, as we will need to designate some people to be dancing at this Gala party.
Dance experience is not mandatory but will be very helpful


-WORKING on Mon 8/24, Tues 8/25 in MACON (with a gas bump)
and then also possibly on Wed 8/26 and Thurs 8/27 in CONYERS
with FITTINGS/INTERVIEWS this Mon 8/17, Tues 8/18, Wed 8/19

You must be open for all 4 work dates and for one of the fitting or interview days
NOTE – everyone booked for this scene with work the 2 key days in Macon, and then on that first day of the Gala in Macon, they will select, on set, a smaller group to work the 2 dates in Conyers.

-Gowns/cocktail dresses and Tuxedos / expensive looking suits, will be worn, so IF you have your own, please list that in your submission- if not, we also have wardrobe, although you always look best in your own attire if you have it.

-Pay rate will be $125 for 8 hrs with O.T. after 8 hrs. There will be a gas bump of $20 as well. Fittings pay 1/4 check of the base rate!!

and put in the subject:

(one of from shoulders up and one from the knees up- HAIR COLOR AND LENGTH MUST BE VISIBLE IN ONE OF THE PHOTOS) – thank you. Headshots are also welcome, but please include a candid/current photo as well. A photo looking the part is ideal, in your wardrobe/ couture , etc… At least include a very attractive photo of yourself, as everyone needs to be photo selected by the director for this higher rate group.

Then please LIST the following in the body of your email:
Email address
CITY & STATE where you live (where you will be coming from!)

Men: Jacket, collar, sleeve, waist, inseam and shoe size
Women: Dress size, bust, waist, and shoe size

-List what Gowns/cocktail dresses and Tuxedos/expensive looking suits you own – if you have a photo of you dressed in the wardrobe, great…if not include a brief description of what you have (colors, etc…)

List your dance experience, IF you have any training, etc… and list which styles of dance you are proficient in.


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  1. MONICA James

    I am a make-up artist with some acting skills when was in high schools many years ago. I am a 49 years old 5’1 African American Women. I’m very easy to learn new things. I am very easy to get along with. I have a terrific personality and I get along with others. I am a person with great leadership and not afraid to step forward and get the job done.


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