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By | February 21, 2015

Ninja Warrior is coming to the UK and seeking some tough competitors to take on the obstacle course.

American Ninja Warrior  is getting a British cousin. The show will be coming to ITV in 2015 and the casting call for Ninja Warrior is on now. Those interested in trying out for Ninja Warrior UK need to apply ASAP because casting closes in early March. The UK version of Ninja Warrior is based on the Japanese extreme obstacle course challenge called Sasuke. The reality athletic competition is divided into four very tough stages. At each stage the field gets narrowed down as competitors face the ultimate test of strength and will. Eventually, only a few remain to go after the the title of Ninja Warrior and the prize.

Who’s tough enough to become the next Ninja Warrior! The ITV show is looking to cast everyday joes as well as superhuman athletes. Ninja Warrior UK is being produced for ITV and will be hosted by Ben Shephard, the Saturdays’ Rochelle Humes and ex-footballer Chris Kamara.

Ninja Warrior UK now casting

Ninja Warrior UK will begin with 250 contestants going for it, running, swinging, balancing and climbing their way through the tough obstacle course designed to give them a run for their money.

The people behind the new series describe Ninja Warrior UK as “the toughest obstacle course ever seen on British television”. Also according to the show, Ninja Warrior UK is looking to entertain the viewers. We will see some great inspirational feats of athleticism as well as some hilarious “fails”.

ITV describes the new course as “jaw-dropping”, “punishing” and “potentially hilarious.

If you can run, jump, bounce, swing and fly through the air like a superhero, ITV wants to hear from you!

Are you the next Ninja Warrior UK? Here is your chance to prove you have the skills and try out for one of the 250 spots on the show. ITV is taking online submissions and those interested may register here. You must be a resident of the UK in order to apply. Deadline to apply is March 6th.

Ninja Warrior UK course


16 thoughts on “Try Out For Ninja Warrior UK

  1. Sean Bradley

    Full-time firefighter, amateur boxing coach, I can do this, let’s get it on.

  2. Jamie Thomas

    I am an ex Marine who would love a shot at this, I know that it is closed. But if there is one drop out I would make my own way there even if I had to run!

  3. jamie smith

    Definitely think I can do this, so does my 5 year old, how do I apply ?

  4. Craig whetton

    I have what it takes to do the ninja warrior. I’m a very sporty person. I watch all the ninja warrior shows in china so I know how to crack the challenges in front of me. I hope to hear from you soon

    Yours sincerely

    Craig whetton

  5. Andre Lewis

    I would like to try out for the audition

  6. Paul Mills

    I would love to have ab go at ninja warrior as it will be a right laugh. I’m a dad at 40 years old but still think I can cut it!
    I’ve done plenty of bootcamp , spinning , athletics etc over a 10 year period. My kids who are 5 and 6 watch the programme all of the time and want me try the programme. So please make our day!
    Paul Mills

  7. Emily Griffin

    I’m a welsh international athlete and would love to be the youngest winner of the show, thank you.

  8. John cheetham

    Can I try out for the competition, please, thanks.

  9. Elliott Goodwin

    I am really interested in applying for the show. I think I can win it. Haha please contact me asap this or for the next series.
    Thank you elliott goodwin.

  10. Jawad Shafahi

    I am a real ninja, the way a ninja should be!

    How can I apply? I really want to be there!

  11. Paul doggett

    Interested in the next auditions.
    Please could you contact me when castings become available.

  12. leigh mcauley

    Please contact me once casting opens for next series

  13. Kipp Townsend

    How can I get an audition for ninja warrior for my Friend?


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