Acting Auditions in NYC for Film Project “Northside Festival Booth”



Location: New York City

Type: Festivals

Well-known NYC-based artist and producer are casting various roles for Northside Festival Booth. The booth will be outfitted to showcase a local political cause. We are casting great actors who can play it straight and take it seriously. Improv skills are also a must because the concept may be lost on some people and you’ll have to engage on the fly.

Rate: $100/day includes booth appearance, any filmed content usage, and half day fitting/rehearsal TBD. Lunch is provided on booth appearance days 6/11 and 6/12.

Usage: may appear in gallery, museum, or on the web.

Shoot dates: 6/11/16 and 6/12/16 in Williamsburg Brooklyn NY (talent may only be needed one day)

To Apply: Email with a recent headshot, resume and any relevant links. Have your desired role and your name in the subject line and let us know what time would be best for you to audition on Thursday 5/26 between 2 – 5pm or 6 – 9pm.


ROLES (all open to any ethnicity):

Canvasser/activist (male, 18 – 32) Charismatic, totally committed to the cause. Expressive. Could be played with the casual, know-it-all confidence or passionate severity. Lots of improv and room to creatively expand the role.

Canvasser/activist (female, 18 – 32) Gregarious, supportive, positive. She talks with you, like a guest on Oprah. Or like Oprah herself. Stays completely in character. Lots of improv and room to creatively expand the role.

Geologist (Male or Female, 32-52) Geologist (male or female, 32-52 or someone who can play older) Committed to geology and academia, could be a bit eccentric or neurotic, a little bit mystifying, but mostly a sweet and harmless geologist happy to get paid to stand in a booth all day and talk about rocks. Could also be played like a passionate Steve Irwin. This may require doing some background research on your own time or making science facts up on the fly and formulating your own character if you don’t have a geology background. Lots of room to creatively play the role as you see fit.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: New York City
Please submit to: by 2016-05-31

This casting notice was posted by: Carlin Cwik

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