Auditions in Windsor, Ontario, Canada for Lead & Speaking Roles in Upcoming Series “A.R.I.D.”



Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Type: Web series

“A.R.I.D.” (New Web Series) Non-Union.
Casting call Saturday, May 7, 2016 in Windsor, Ontario.
Will accept video auditions.

Writer / Executive Producer: Joel D.K. Boyce
Executive Producer: Brent Bondy
Director: Steve Nicodemo
Casting Director: Gail Marlow
Shoot dates: July 2016 – Sept 2016 (tentative) – 12 episodes,approximately 6-10 minutes each.
Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, age, colour, national origin, ethnic origin, or any other basis prohibited by law unless otherwise specifically indicated.

Synopsis: Alone. Lost. Hunted. A group of strangers must work together after most of the world vanished without a trace.
A.R.I.D. is a drama web-series containing elements of science fiction and the supernatural. The first season is set at 12 episodes at 8-10 minutes in length. It follows the journey of 10 unique individuals left stranded and alone on Earth. Each episode features a specific character, as they search for answers and fight to stay alive.
A.R.I.D. can be compared to “Lost” and “The 100,” meets the “Walking Dead” without the zombies.

Windsor, Ontario, Canada auditions for A.R.I.D

Characters: Lead roles are paid, some non-paid roles.

Nolan: 35-45 open ethnicity: A paramedic by day, boxer by night. This tough bull-headed father will stop at nothing to find his family again.

Trip: 25-35 Caucasian: A charismatic but manipulating, psychopathic killer takes the opportunity to change his identity when he is freed from prison.

Cody: 20-25 Caucasian: A lazy, pot-smoking gamer struggles to find purpose in his life.

Lizzy: 19-25 Caucasian and/or Asian: Beautiful, snotty, rich-girl has to deal with her least favourite person when everyone disappears.

Bryce: 30-40 Caucasian: Struggling lawyer has to break out of his bad addiction to survive.

June: 50-65 Open ethnicity: Mysterious scientist and explorer. She’s very intelligent, and a great listener. Has a commanding presence. Blunt. Speaks her mind. Comes off as a little crazy at times though.

Darius: 50-65 A brilliant scientist and an expert in paranormal/ancient technology, who is devoted to his work and saving mankind. He has a short-fuse and lacks basic social skills.

Clayton/Fenton (Brothers): Clayton (28-35) / Fenton (25-30) Both are fit and athletic on the rugged side. Farm boy types. Both like to hunt but are always fighting against each other. Fenton is more distrusting and has a mischievous look about him, while Clayton is the more sensitive and good guy type.

Warrior/Hunter: 20-30 Female. Exotic, dark/olive skin: Athletic and fit body with strong improvisational skills and great physical expressions and body language. More of a primitive type character so must be comfortable in minimal clothing.

Trisha: 30-40 (base on Nolan’s ethnicity): Nolan’s Wife.

Darrell: 40-50 Open: A strong, by-the-books prison guard.

Zeus: 40-50 Open: Rich and powerful drug lord.

Big guys #1 & #2: 30-45 open.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Please submit to: by 2016-05-07

This casting notice was posted by: Joel Boyce, BE² Entertainment, Producer

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  1. Travis Stevens

    I am a 31-year old non-union actor who is looking for a great job with great people. I absolutely love the idea of the plot. And i would love to work on something like this one day


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