Casting Call for Actors in Fort Worth Texas on “Team X”


Team X

Location: Fort Worth Texas

Type: Other Projects

Sargent Alana westpoint(30-36)(Preferred White)
Sargent Alana westpoint is an highly skilled and trained active battfeild military officer,known to be direct and strict, and also arrogant and cocky

Xavier drake(Asernal)(18-22)(All ethnicities)
Xavier Drake, 20,is a hired assassin who is lethal with any weapon, known to be cocky and smart mouthed

Camilo Arellano(Night Wolf)(17-22)(All ethnicities,Preferred Hispanic)
Camilo Arellano aka Nightwolf, 18,young Hispanic boy who can turn into a powerful werewolf and has no control over his powers,Is even tempered,Cocky,And quiet often.

Billy Hendrix(Stone)(18-22)(All ethnicities,Preferred white)
Billy Hendrix, 20,Tough country boy with a attitude problem, has the power to turn his skin into stone and also shape his arm into weapons, used to be an underground mutant street fighter

Naveah Williams(Quickshot)(17-22)(All ethnicities)
Naveah Williams,17,Hero kid turned bad after her father was murdered and now the youngest hitman for hire,known to be very quiet and strong and also kinda of an asswhole…

Scarlett Rose(Phynix)(17-22)(All ethnicities)
Scarlett rose aka phynix,19,Possed with an evil spirit know as the phoenix and given untold powers know to demand making her the most dangerous person in the world,Without the influence of the phoenix Scarlett is a quiet young girl and very sweet.

Payment: Other
Credit/some pay/Publicity/Red carpet premiere.

City or Location of call: Fort Worth Texas
Please submit to: [email protected]

This casting notice was posted by: Jashon

One thought on “Casting Call for Actors in Fort Worth Texas on “Team X”

  1. Nick Dotson

    Good Morning!
    I have not acted in a short or feature before although I was in film school for a semester working behind the camera and sound.
    I would love to try and act, I have 9 years experience in Martial Arts such as Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Kick Boxing that could supplement some coeragraphy at the very least.



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