Lead Actors for Emotional War Related Video Filming in Lakeland, FL


Casualties of War

Location: Lakeland, FL

Type: Video

We are currently casting men and women for a powerful stock-footage shoot revealing the raw emotions of war: A United States soldier has a brief encounter with a grieving mother.

This one is all about authenticity so talent must be able to handle stressful situations and portray various emotions… everything from laughter and hugs, to heartbreak and death.

We are looking to fill the following roles:

U.S. SOLDIER #1: MALE, 25-40, any ethnicity
LEAD: Must be fit enough to look the part of active duty. Has a wife and young daughter at home. Battle-tested and a bit hardened by what he has seen. Must be able to harness emotion. Crying will be required.

MUSLIM MOTHER: FEMALE, 23-35, Middle-Eastern
LEAD: Must be able to portray an array of emotions. A mother of 2 children. Kind eyes, loves her family, doesn’t agree with the war but understands it. Is good at bottling up painful emotions for the sake of her children.

MUSLIM CHILD: FEMALE, 5-8, Middle-Eastern
SUPPORTING: Shy and oblivious. She doesn’t yet completely understand the world she lives in. Looks to her mom for guidance. Must be able to brighten the screen with her smile yet show extreme fear and confusion. Realistic crying a plus. This roll will require make-up and fake blood. Must be able to lay still for several shots as the child will be killed in combat.

U.S. SOLDIER #2: MALE, 18-22, any ethnicity
SUPPORTING: Younger soldier on first tour. Shocked by what he is experiencing. Must have a certain look of innocence while dealing with a broken spirit. Beginning to have reservations about the war but follows orders.

Initial casting will be done online via streaming video. Once 5 finalists for each role have been chosen, we will conduct an in-person audition in Lakeland, FL on October 1, 2016.

Shoot is November 5, 2016. Cast will receive $50 each for this one day shoot (approx 6 hours), as well as photos on set and high-resolution stills grabbed from 4K video.

Any questions please contact:
Tim O’Brien
Stock Shot Media

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Lakeland, FL
Please submit to: info@stockshotmedia.com by 2016-10-01

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