Disney Auditions for Mixed Ethnicity Families – Paid Trip to Iceland


Families wanted for an upcoming Disney commercial which is offering paid international travel to Iceland.

Last week there was a casting call out for families of all ethnicities for the Disney audition, but now it seems that casting directors have cast some of those roles and are only seeking families of mixed ethnicities.

If you are part of a mixed ethnicity family and would love to get cast in a Disney project, read on.

Email submissions are being accepted this week for the Disney spot. Miami Talent is seeking families with children between the ages of 8 and 16.  This casting is now ONLY seeking real families of mixed ethnicity. By real families, the casting teams mean that that those submitting must all be related. Families cast for the Disney commercial will be paid $2500 per person so a family of 4 is looking to make $10k for their participation. Families will also receive paid travel to Iceland where this project will film next month.

This project is open to families nationwide and families selected from the initial email submission will be contacted to do a video audition / interview.

Disney auditions for commercials

Once in Iceland, families will be filmed participating in various activities such as snorkeling, hiking, horse back riding and boating. Experience in any of those things is a plus but not required. This is a fairly long shoot. Families cast will need to be able to get away for 7 to 8 days and the Disney spot will be filming between the 1st and 15th of October.

Nationwide – Disney Commercial – REAL FAMILIES – MIXED ETHNICITIES

Rate $2500 per person plus travel
shoots between Oct 1 to Oct 15 in Iceland
Mom and Dad are in their 20’s – 50’s.
The children’s ages range from 8 to 16 years old or so.

Families will travel for 7 or 8 days sometime during the first two weeks of October, SO ONLY SUBMIT IF ALL MEMBERS ARE FULLY AVAILABLE !
please note if you have exp snorkeling, hiking, boating etc.

Ability to ride horses is a plus but not necessary.
Be sure to include family pictures, all names and all ages, contact phone and city where you live. miamitalentcasting@gmail.com
submitting asap!


One thought on “Disney Auditions for Mixed Ethnicity Families – Paid Trip to Iceland

  1. Steven Roy Barone

    Dear Disney Channel casting crew,

    My name is Steven Roy Barone. I am a Special Olympic athlete to Eugene Oregon. I’ve been doing skits at a young age, acting at my church in Italy-Sicily acting as Jesus. I was adopted from Bulgaria and sponsored from the baseball team, New York Yankees. I flew to America at age six years old. I had to learn to play sports like basketball, learn how to ride a bicycle, learn how to read and write and say my alphabet, learn how to hold a pencil, fork, knife, learn to shoot a basketball. Is there a way you can pay for my trip for me to act live on the Disney channel and you can see what skills I would be good at for acting. You could put me in with teenagers or young adults who are in their 20’s. I am 28 years old, born April 11th 1988. I’ve been a Disney fan for 22 years… my whole life. I enjoy talking with anyone and even with friends plus I love texting friends and family members. I have friends who live in Los Angeles, California. Even my aunt and uncle live in San Diego California. I have a learning disability. Plus I love flirting with cute girls. If I got chosen to perform live on the Disney channel and to be put on movies for live shows, I would be up for it. I do not have any money for acting on Disney channel. My full name is Steven Roy Barone. Plus my height is 5’7, weight is 138.6 pounds, hair color is black and I am very skinny and athletic. I have a learning disability. Please look at my picture on Google and type in my full name Steven Roy Barone. I am wearing a white long sleeve shirt.

    Can you pay for me to fly and to perform live on the Disney channel. I would need reasonable accommodations to act on Disney channel live. I am really good at skits and really good at talking to whom ever. Please find something that I would do. I used to live with my adopted parents in Los Angeles, California and have gone with my family to Disneyland. I live in Eugene Oregon. If you paid for my trip and all the above.


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