Indie Film Project Casting Principal Roles in Atlanta


The Formula

Location: Atlanta, GA

Type: Film

Actors, actresses and a dog(!) needed for a sci-fi / conspiracy / noir short film set in middle-America in the 1950’s (pay to be considered for principal actors). To be shot in early-mid November in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

It’s 1953, in a small town in Illinois. Local teens continue their rebellious tendencies. But this one particular night differs from the others as a mysterious substance is introduced to the unruly teens, setting in motion changes that could alter the town completely.

Short film has a Rebel Without a Cause, Invasion of the Body Snatchers feel and will be targeting major short film festivals. The filmmakers are hard-working members of Atlanta’s flourishing film industry working on big studio’s TV shows and feature films.

Please read carefully for the role(s) you want to be considered for:

Age: 45-65 years old
Grey hair and clean-shaven. Cuffs is the villainous overseer of the manufacturing and implementation of the mysterious substance that is introduce to the local teens in the town.

Age: 35-50 years old
Tall, clean-shaven. Suit is the right-hand man to Cuffs and follows through with his boss’ commands in the most covert and diligent way possible. He too is upset with the way the town has changed and has been overrun by the ‘greasers’ and free-thinking kids.

Steve Miller
Age: 17
Long, slicked-back ‘greaser’ hair. Steve considers himself a rebel, but there are times when he shows signs of being a good kid and willing to behave when need be. But when he’s surrounded by his group of friends, his rebellious tendencies are heightened.

Age: 17
Brown, shoulder length hair. Girl grew up as a good kid and was pushed by her mother to further her interests in more female driven activities and style. But even at a young age, she gravitated more toward the adventurous and dangerous things the town had to offer.

Age: 18
Black, slicked-back ‘greaser’ hair. Driver is probably the most dangerous out of his group of friends. Unlike his cohorts, he grew up in a poor household where everyone had to fend for themselves. This made him bitter and angry with society as a whole and the town in which he lived.

Age: 17
Dark blonde hair and wears glasses. Nerd was your average, happy-go-lucky kid during his childhood. But junior high was rough for him, getting picked on and teased. By the time high school rolled around, he expected the same, but his friendship with Steve from his childhood has reaped unexpected acceptance with the ‘greasers’.

Extras dressed in suits.
Looking for 30s to 60s relatively-in-shape men to be the dark figures helping Cuffs and Suit.

Medium to bigger dog, no preference. Can be a labrador, German Sheperd, a mutt, etc. But will be using the dog to ‘bark’ at people behind a white picket fence, so if the dog can bark on command, all the better!

Email with your role to be considered, headshot and resume. Looking for video submissions. To cast these roles ASAP!

Payment: Non Paid
paid for principal roles, otherwise copy/credit

City or Location of call: Atlanta, GA
Please submit to: by 2016-10-20

This casting notice was posted by: Northfield Film Production

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