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CBS has a new show show coming up that will literally give the cast a run for the money.

CBS is tasking teams of 2 to do what seems impossible in this day and age of GPS, social media & internet. The show is bringing something new to the reality show arena, a real-life manhunt.

Hunted” is now casting teams of 2 who feel they can disappear without a trace. The one-hour unscripted reality competition series is looking for ordinary Americans to take the challenge. This is a competition and there should be some great prize money for those that can stay under the radar. Staying under the radar will not be easy, “Hunted” has a team made up of the world’s most highly skilled investigators and trackers to pursue the competitors which will take the experts on the nation wide manhunt. No stone will go unturned. The professionals will use both high tech and low tech means to find their men, or women.  The crew will go on stake outs, find all family and friends, scour the internet and even tap their phones.

Hunted,” comes from Endemol Shine North America. The show already has a similar series running on the UK’s Channel 4, where it’s doing quite well, especially with young adults.

CBS Hunted casting

CBS is now casting a brand new competition that will take ordinary Americans and send them on the run in a real life manhunt.

In today’s digital world, “disappearing” is next to impossible… or is it? Hunted will give participants the opportunity to put their know-how and skills to the test as some of the world’s most highly skilled investigators use state-of-the-art methods along with traditional tactics to find them. If you had to disappear, what would you do?

We are looking for smart, adventurous TEAMS OF 2 to take on the challenge. If you or someone you know:

– has ever dreamed of going on the run
– wishes you could escape your mundane life and become the star of your own action movie
– think you have the skills to outsmart some of the nation’s most talented investigators
– has strong opinions about our nation’s surveillance programs

No special skills or training required! See the cbs site for more information on how to apply for “Hunted” and to get your submissions to the show’s casting team.

6 thoughts on “Online Casting Call for CBS “Hunted”

  1. Lucy Allen

    Determined to be in a movie or a reality show.

  2. David A.

    I am already listed with central castings NY. How could I find auditions in NY through your website

    1. erica Post author

      You can use the search feature in the top nav bar. Casting notices are tagged by city so there is a page for NY.

      1. Cyrus

        I’m not sure what qualifies as ordinary, but I think I’d try and use some of my molding and casting knowledge and make myself a disguise to hide myself ? haha idk how long do I have to hide?

  3. Keelouna Jackson

    First off I’m 14 I think its important that you know that and what I read so far it seems like the show is really going to be good.I’m in to shows like this say for example Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love shows like that I always watched the show so I could remember the words, it takes me a little while to remember the words but when I do, me and my friend act them out. When my friend moved, I never used to have no one to act it out with that was as good as her but if you gave me a choice to play this role, I will not let you guys down, I would work my hardest.


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