SF Bay Area Actress for App Promo Video / Commercial


Meet Albert Video

Location: San Francisco, California

Type: Video

We need a 20s something girl who is personable, earnest, fun and interesting. We are shooting a short film for a company called Meet Albert, an app that helps you manage your finances. The story is about a girl who, when her salary comes in, lives the high life and progressively spends less and less as she runs out of money as the month goes by. We need a good actress who can do interesting and entertaining reactions to situations, but still be natural, not overly dramatic sort of thing.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: San Francisco, California
Please submit to: auditions@metamension.com by 2016-08-05

This casting notice was posted by: Metamension CC


One thought on “SF Bay Area Actress for App Promo Video / Commercial

  1. Jazmin De La Cruz

    Where would the auditions take place?


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