The T.D. Jakes Show is Casting Show Guests Nationwide


T. D. Jakes Show

Location: Nationwide

Type: Talk Show

If you are dealing with any of the issues below and you would like to share your story with the Village, please see the info below. You could be the next guest on The T.D. Jakes Show, premiering this fall!


Have you had it with your spouse and are ready to divorce?

· Are you and your partner struggling through serious marital problems because of issues of infidelity, money or control issues?

· Have the two of you grown apart and you feel like you are living with a stranger?

· If this sounds like you and your problems are so bad that you are at the point of contemplating divorce, we want to hear from you.


You are not the person I married!

· Did you recently get married and you spouse is not the person you thought you were marrying?

· Do you feel like you’re married to a complete stranger?

· Has your relationship changed over the years and your marriage is not the one you signed up for?

· Do you take each other for granted and the boredom has set in?


Help! My Mom is Party Animal!

· Do you or someone you know have a mom who is out of control?

· Is this person ignoring their kids and spending too much time dating, drinking or partying?

· Do their children or others complain about her youthful clothing and social lifestyle?

T.D. Jakes Show

The TD Jakes show would like to help you – please send us your name, number and photo to and tell us why you would like the Pastor’s help!


Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Nationwide
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2 thoughts on “The T.D. Jakes Show is Casting Show Guests Nationwide

  1. d. luskia

    My story to is a life I thought would never really be me. I married a guy that I knew in high-school we were friends at first. Until one day he wrote me from jail at first I really didn’t respond right away. I mean I was a single mother two jobs and in college. I really didn’t have time for a guy in jail. I mean we wasn’t together when he went we with just friends he was a lady men in the streets. He was different for me I never help or dated a men in jail. I had one child and he had two children. well I prayed and I started writing and I mean one year became five years with calls and visits. I guess I felt sorry for him and then I starting letting go of my male friends, I got sick, I was helping him as much I could, I lost a business, lost my brother and then me him got closer as relationship emotionally. He got out and the rest history I got pregnant and we got married month before I had my child. We was leaving in different states and he was cheating and me I was just trying hold the family together. Well he all went bad rag madness and god left my heart and soul. This man I married was not the men I grew to know five years ago. I don’t know if I should stick with him or divorce he still is cheating.

  2. Nicole Geter

    I married my husband April 16, 2015. January 2016 he said he didn’t want to be married. So, I left.
    no one cheated. I have 0 children / he has 5 children (all different mothers) and 1 died in his care on my birthday, we are 42.
    I relocated from Detroit to move with him in Daytona Beach. He will not speak to me or text me.
    He was active in his church until I came, now he does not go at all.
    He used to send me TD Jakes sermons to watch.
    He had custody of one of his daughters since birth.
    I love and miss my husband and daughter very much.
    I’m living in Atlanta right now, he will allow her to come see me sometimes. HELP!


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