Auditions in Utah for Horror Movie “The Pact”


The Pact

Location: Heber, Utah

Type: Film

CASTING CALL For “The Pact” a horror/dark comedy feature film shooting in Heber City, Utah in June. Award winner Carolyn McCray will be directing and Ben Hopkin will be in the lead.

All cast and crew must be available June 7-14th for rehearsals, and June 14th-July 1st, week day nights (Tuesday -Friday, the only day we take off are Mondays) 6pm-10pm (remember this is in Heber City, about an 1 hour away from both Provo and SLC) and 12-8pm Sat and Sundays (yes, all of them). The shooting will only be two weeks, with pickups occurring the following week. Please do not submit until your schedule can easily accommodate the above rehearsal/shooting/pick up schedule! Deferred pay.

Crew –
We especially need camera operators, but loggers/editors/any other position can apply. Please send your relevant experience and the role you would like to fill to by Friday, June 2nd, 2017.

Cast –

Please self tape (phone cameras are fine, we just need to see your acting) yourself doing a scene or monologue that fits the role you are auditioning for. Please send it in to by Friday, June 2nd, 2017. We are looking to fill the following parts:

Marla – Any ethnicity. Actress over 50. Strong willed, a queen in a world of commoners.

Safiya – Woman of color, 20s-30s. Mechanic, sharp wit, intelligent.

Naomi – Any ethnicity, 20s-40s. A mother who’s lost her son. Soft and timid until she’s pushed to the breaking point.

Phillip – Any ethnicity, 30s-40s. A neurotic therapist who’s convinced that he can stop a killer with his sheer intelligence. Clever, but a bit ridiculous.

Will – Person of color, preferably, 20s-30s. A successful writer who’s going downhill and has a dark secret. Heroic, a little romantic, but not sure what to do with himself.

Shawn – Any ethnicity. 20s-50s. A former poodle breeder who has lost his prize-winning dog.

Regina – Any ethnicity. Teens-20s. She’s fought off cancer three times and it’s back. Frail, young, innocent.

Carlos – 20s, Person of color. Concerned about his friend, attractive and easy-going.

Lacy – 20s-50s, any ethnicity. Caring, supportive friend.

Allan – 40s, any ethnicity. A deeply depressed man who’s convinced to end it all.

Payment: Other
Deferred pay

City or Location of call: Heber, Utah
Please submit to: by 2017-06-02

This casting notice was posted by: Lyman Lark, Assistant Director

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