Roles for Teens & Adults in Atlanta for Theatrical Production “Deprived”



Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Type: Theater

Deprived is a story which takes a journey into a single family household. Throughout the story you will notice the different struggles that the family faces and the different obstacles amongst five siblings. Their mother neglects and leaves them alone for a man who takes everything from her. Forcing the kids to do whatever it takes to survive and putting all their worries into their hands. Although they may feel like they are alone, different spirits appears in different people assuring that everything’s ok. They family will face many trials throughout the story and separation. With the family struggles they looses a siblings to the streets and almost to the system; Kyra holds everything together. With the host of people coming in offering the family pretends that everything’s ok, but eventually the struggler is unbearable the family begins to beg for change.

Deprived Character breakdown

Kyra- 17 years old, she is very opinionated, not afraid to speak on her feelings. Kyra is very determined to make good out of a bad situation. She’s a mother figure to her siblings, acts older than most kids her age. Kyra is a caring person. She rarely smiles and when she does it’s because somebody understand her. Her look is pretty basic big t-shirts and fitted jeans, she is short for her age (5 feet not over 5”5”) she is petite. Kyra hair is always in a tight bun or ponytail. She only has one pair of shoes and you can always find her reading. Must be able to sing.

Darren: 16 years of old African American, he is very concerning. Although he stays in the street he worries about his family. Darren has adapted the street mentally. He hangs out on the corner, thinks he is a drug dealer. Darren is muscular (body art is optional) and his clothes always changing. (baggy jeans mostly with fitted cap flipped to the back) (no specific way for his hair) Darren talks with like a slang or he tries to make everything sound tough.

Khole-14 years old African American, she has an attitude and it shows in everything she do. Khole is very sassy and smart at the mouth. She wears clothes that are inappropriate for her age. Her hair is always hanging or in curls. She is very curvy for her age and loves to show her stomach. She looks older than what she really is but very much act her age. Khole is always making faces and rolling eyes. She must be able to sing.

Mi’kel- 12 years old African American, she is shy and very vocal at times. She is look to be a nerd and picked on. Most people confuse her for a boy because she loves her clothes to be big and baggy. Mi’kel hair is braided in two French braids and sometimes hidden under a night scarf. She is bigger than both of her sisters. (Glasses are optional and must be able to sing.)

Roz: The mother, very rude and careless. Every time you see her, she always dressed nicely with her hair done. Roz has Long hair and always wearing colorful lip stic k. Her tone is always demanding and very smart.

James: Roz Boyfriend. Very Muscular, Always wear fitted clothes to show off his muscles. He is tall in height and he has a deep tone. James is very flirtatious and could careless about anything. (Beard and hair is cut nice)

Officer Jones: Very stern and concerning. African American

Mr. Henry: Bus driver (Any race, age and gender.)

Mr. Washington: Very compassionate and observant. He allows his self to show emotion and that he care. African American Male with tattoos.

Mika: African American female in her 20’s, long hair very curvy and has an attitude.

Homeless woman: Any race and age

Dr. Yamir: The doctor, race, gender and age doesn’t matter.

Receptionist: Race, Gender and Age doesn’t matter.

Tony Ross: African American social worker who is in her early 40s.

Operate: Voice Over


January 14,2017
Mark SQUARED Studios
1804 Montreal Ct
Tucker Ga 30083

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta, Georgia
Please submit to: by 2017-01-13

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