Acting Auditions in Charlotte for “Those Kids” Short Film Project

By | August 27, 2018


Location: Charlotte, NC

Type: TV Pilots

A group of adventurous, drug addict high school friends explore the conflict of friendship, addiction, and death as a small war between them and another group of old high school friends ‘The Preps’ wages on, but they wont let that stop them from cheating their way through life, taking nothing seriously unless it involves a selfish goal or getting themselves inebriated.

Characters are-

BRYSON- BRYSON is the 17 year old, somewhat clean-cut looking best friend of Presley. He is the newest member of Those Kids and acts as the voice of reason in the group. He’s not the best person in the world but he’s more sensible than the rest of Those Kids and is somewhat able to keep them under control, but is also able to keep up with Those Kids’ reckless lifestyle.

PRESLEY- PRESLEY is a functioning alcoholic 18 year old who lives for anarchy and couldn’t care less about school. He acts as the leader of Those Kids and does whatever he wants without thinking of the consequences, since he believes he is indestructible because there are no signs that show he’s not. He has an unexplained anger towards CANDY and makes sure she knows it.

CANDY- CANDY is an attractive 18 year old girl who is somewhat naive, but not as naive as others may assume she is. She looks innocent enough but in reality is one of the worst drug addicts in Those Kids. She has a problem with being very reckless and annoying at times.

EMMA- EMMA is a goth looking 17 year old girl who seems to feel no sadness, remorse, or happiness but is a master of manipulation if she needs to be. She mostly hangs out with Mike or Candy and is rarely questioned since her ideas work fairly consistently.

MIKE- MIKE is a 17 year old chain smoker who’s been friends with PRESLEY, EMMA, and CANDY for a few years. He is very sassy, but easily angered and will always fight back.

FREDDY- FREDDY is a 17 year old boy who used to be BRYSON’s best friend before BRYSON became one of Those Kids. Those Kids refer to him as a ‘prep’ but he’s really just a normal kid with goals and aspirations. His anger, jealousy, and pride are the reason he holds a very harsh grudge against BRYSON for becoming one of Those Kids and why he tries very hard to convince BRYSON to leave them.

Anyone may try out for any character, this is meant to be an episode made to pitch a TV show. This is a non paying job, anyone involved will receive full credit for their part and may add this short film to your film reel. Please email or text if interested.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Charlotte, NC
Please submit to:

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