Auditions in Boston for Indie Film “Stand”


“Stand” – Short Film Casting

Location: Boston, MA

Type: Film

My name’s Chris K. Daniels. I’m an independent filmmaker casting my new short film “Stand.” My last few shorts went on to have an incredible festival presence, showing at about 32 festivals this year, with about 10 big wins so far. One of those notable festivals being Cannes Film Festival 2018. With that, my last few shorts went on to get about 3.5 million views online too. So I can certainly promise exposure in return for working on this project. I’ll be paying a small sum to the lead role of “The Man” too, though unfortunately the budget for the project is tiny, so pay will not be anything major.

About the project: “Stand”
Logline: A man stands facing off against a disjointed, mysterious beast in a dark garage. The beast stays grounded and still, as long as the man doesn’t stop standing.

I’m casting the two lead roles in the short.

1) The Man: The Man is the leading role in “Stand”
The Man stands alone, in an exhausted, defeated state as he fights fatigue to avoid sitting. The role has a few significant lines, but mostly depends on silent, facial-action-based acting. It’ll come down to portraying a lot of nervousness, physical exhaustion, emotional defeat and general fear.

Please provide video audition performing selection from the script if interested in this role.

2) The Beast is the main antagonist in “Stand”
The Beast role is mostly dependent on being able to move silently, in a scary, eerie fashion. The actor will be wearing a lot of costume, designed to look disturbing and disjointed.

Please provide headshots/full body photos if interested in this role.


Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Boston, MA
Please submit to:

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