Auditions in Phoenix for Independent Sitcom Pilot


First Family

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Type: Comedy

Shooting an independent sitcom pilot. All roles will be paid. Auditions in September. Shooting early November. Phoenix, AZ

First Family is a comedy shot in a 70s and 80s sitcom style with modern twists. All characters will be “over the top” dramatic actors with the emphasis on humor, be it deadpan or ridiculous. It is a bit of political satire with a small touch of modern reality thrown in. The intent is to be a lighthearted comedy without making a political statement about one party line. It is nondiscriminatory humor because it will make fun of all politics.

Roles to be filled:

George Banks, Ex-President: Not stately at all. Arrogant and goofy, a sit-com type of president.

Lucy Banks, Wife (First Lady): A drunken floozy, flirts with Billy Porter the Secret Service agent assigned to their protection. She is drinking wine found in the cabin and also sneaking drinks from a flask in her purse. The more she drinks the more it is implied she is having an affair with Billy Porter. Her pet name for him is “Killer”.

Billy Porter, Secret Service Agent: Total fool, pretends to be a one man army but is completely incompetent. He will never take his Ray Ban sunglasses off during the whole show. At some point he might remove his suit coat to reveal a ridiculous amount of weapons strapped to his body. He is a total idiot. He is also having an affair with Lucy Banks.

Craig Banks, 18 year old son: Past history of always being in trouble. His big problem with being stranded in the desert is his cell phone does not work. As far as he is concerned, his life must be over if he has to go a couple days without phone, internet, twitter and text on his smart phone. He has no idea how to function without it. We find out he has been using his first family influence to collect girlfriends. We have one of the “Breaking News” stories report that it has been discovered the boy has been using his real name on at least 15 internet dating sites. He was offering women tours of the White House. His phone was going crazy with responses coming in and now he has no service. Now his whole family finds out he was doing this because it is on the news.

Mary Banks: 20 year old daughter: Spoiled brat, a daddy’s girl. She is a dramatic hysteric.

Jane Fox, BSN TV News anchor: Talking news anchor who will give news reports that the family sees on living room TV. She will play an anchor that is dead pan serious no matter how stupid the report.

James “The Scoop” Bias, Male Field Reporter: Reporter who will give reports from the field to studio anchor Jane Fox.



City or Location of call: Phoenix, AZ
Please submit to: now closed!

This casting notice was posted by: Steven Digges, Meadowglen Productions, Producer

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