Auditions in Utah for Teen Actors To Play Lead Roles on Percy Jackson Fan Film / Web Series


Teen Actors in Utah

Location: Utah

Type: Film

Location: Saratoga Springs, Utah and surrounding areas

Type: Video

I’m currently casting for an 11 episode Percy Jackson web-series, based on the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. The series is about a boy named Percy Jackson, who finds out he is a son of Poseidon, and his demigod friends as they embark on dangerous quests and battle the evil forces of Kronos’s army.

Listed below are the lead roles, however, this series will require having a lot of extras. Casting calls for them will be posted separately. It’s preferred that the actors live in Saratoga Springs and the surrounding areas, but as long as all actors have transportation to each film shoot and rehearsal, actors from farther cities will be considered.

If you see a role you’d like to audition for but you don’t meet the eye/hair color requirements exactly, still feel free to send in an audition; that won’t stop you from being considered, however, actors matching the character’s appearance will be considered first. Age is not as big of a deal- if you can look and act the age, you will be considered.

-ages 13-16
-black hair, green eyes
-must be willing to partake in sword fighting
-appears in ALL web-series episodes
-Percy is a son of Poseidon and is the main character in the series. Percy is sarcastic and sassy but a great sword fighter and would do anything for his friends.

-ages 13-16
-blonde hair, grey eyes
-must be willing to partake in sword fighting
-appears in episodes 1-5 & 8-11
-Annabeth is a daughter of Athena and one of Percy’s best friends. She’s tough, very intelligent and could face any challenge put in front of her.

-ages 14-17
-dark hair, blue eyes
-appears in episodes 4-7
-Thalia is a daughter of Zeus and was turned into a tree, by her dad, to save her from dying. In the 4th web-series episode, she is turned back into a human. Thalia often fights with Percy, but when it comes to battle, she always fights on his side. Thalia is tough and snarky but loyal to her friends.

-ages 15-17
-blonde hair, blue eyes
-must be willing to partake in sword fighting
-appears in episode 1 & 10
-Luke is a son of Hermes, but he feels abandoned by his father and his Olympian family, resulting in him siding with Kronos.

-ages 10-12
-black hair, brown eyes
-appears in episodes 5- 6 & 8
-Nico is a son of Hades and has an older sister, Bianca, who he cares very much about. Nico starts out very naive; he thinks the world of modern day Greek gods is just like his game Mythomagic; however, after the death of his sister, he learns how cruel the world of the Greek gods is.

-ages 13-16
-no specific race
-dark hair, brown eyes
-appears in episodes 6 & 7
-Zoe is a Hunter of Artemis and loyal to the goddess, Artemis. She’s tough and a very skilled archer. She starts the series out not liking Percy very much at all, but as they continue their quest together, she begins to trust him.

-All roles are UNPAID. This is just for fun and experience!
-YouTube exposure

-Filming begins in June 2019 and will continue through the summer of 2019 and possibly the fall. During the school year, episodes will be filmed mostly on Saturdays or extra days off school. During the summer, weekend shoots will be most common, but during the week shoots may be possible.
-Cast is responsible for getting their own transportation.
-Filming for episode one (Capture the Flag) will take place on June 28th, 2019. . More information on time, rehearsals and attire will be sent out with the official call sheet once the entire cast is gathered.
-If nessicary, there will be meetings the day before or a few days before the shoot to read through the lines and rehearse any fight choreography.
-It’s very important that cast members are able to show up to each rehearsal and shoot date that your character is in. Actor’s schedules can be worked around, but it’s essential there aren’t too many conflicts.
-This series is being made out of love for the books and filmmaking. This series will air on YouTube in July, 2019. I, the director, am going to be applying for many film schools this year including UCLA and NYU, meaning this series is going to be a huge part of the portfolio I show the admissions offices.
-For more information about this production and Utah Valley Films, visit
*This production is made by high school students; however my crew is a group of very talented and experienced individuals.

If you think you are a good fit for any of these roles, send an email with the following information: first/last name, age, what city/state you’re from, main email (phone number is optional) a headshot and full body shot. If you have one, send a resume of your previous work. Use “(insert part you’re auditioning for) submission” for the subject line. I’ll send the audition lines when I get your email. Record a video of your saying the lines with someone off screen. Using the subject “(insert role you’re auditioning for) audition- by (insert your name)”, you can either email the video or upload it to YouTube if the file is too big. (Include a link in your email if you do.) If you do not get the part for the character you auditioned for, that does not completely option you out for playing an extra or a different character.

Payment: Non Paid
City or Location of call: Saratoga Springs, Utah and surrounding areas

Please submit to: by 2019-02-11
This casting notice was posted by: Utah Valley Films

Also casting kid extras


I am looking for kids between the age of 12 and 14, that have theater or some kind of acting experience (beginners are welcome to! As long as you know what you are doing! XD) to participate in a Percy Jackson Web series! We would cover the main and famous scenes of the book series! I am looking for all of my cast, crew, and a co-director.


Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Utah
Please submit to: by 2019-04-30

This casting notice was posted by: Percy Jackson Web Series (Utah)

3 thoughts on “Auditions in Utah for Teen Actors To Play Lead Roles on Percy Jackson Fan Film / Web Series

  1. Kazuo Salazar

    I know that I am a little late to the party here. But I have tried sending in an email to receive audition information, and it keeps telling me that the email address provided does not exist. Is there a different way to get in touch with whoever posted to casting call? Thanks!

  2. Yumna

    I deeply apologise if this is just me being incompetent but I am not able to access your information site or send you and audition via email because the address listed doesn’t seem to exist.

    If this was just a scam, you did a great job, I totally fell for it, but I really hope it is just a misunderstanding because I’d love to be part of your production.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. erica Post author

      This casting is from July. It is in the archive. Please look at the dates when applying. Dates are listed at the top.


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