Casting Sci-Fi TV Pilot in Atlanta


If You Only Knew (Dramedy/Sci-Fi series: formerly “Resilient”)

Location: Atlanta, Ga

Type: TV Pilots

Seeking excellent talent for TV series “If You Only Knew” (previous working title was “Resilient”).

Season one will time jump between executive producer Rashid Wakefield’s actual life and his tv daughter Adorable’s childhoods, discovering vibrations from birth and ‘finding’ maneuverability in a world where you truly feel isolated and outcast but on an otherworldly scale in her expounding upon Ra’s “life’s work” so to speak in the way that she skips having to manually walk herself through what vibrations are as it came natural to her entire generation (with ‘vibes’ being normalcy at this point in real life you can see what I mean there) and maneuverability in a world where you truly feel isolated and outcast but on an otherworldly scale what with her ability to manipulate gravity, teleport, and see what planet someone is actually from by form of energetic displacement and hyper focus then communicate with them in their own varying languages and my blindly fighting negative energies with perfect precision and universal intuitive accuracy. Our plan for the first season will be to focus mainly on displaying the contrasts of both mine and her worlds thus accentuating exactly how similar they actually are by skillfully showcasing the reasons why we all young and old seem like children…along with time jumping between Ra and Priscilla’s (both Priscilla and Ra have already been cast) origin story and their present day, of course. Also throughout the entirety of the series we will explore the depths of joyousness, the overcoming of fear and the detailing of layers within those emotions particularly they being our utmost original thought (heart or brain hmmm why not both?) so yes happiness enthralls magic is how I would sum up our shows “mission statement”.

Experience is NOT necessary; however preferred. First round auditioning will be held via video submission, callback audition will be held at a physical location. Please read character descriptions below and email for further steps. Email should include your name in the subject line along with character you are interested in auditioning for where email content should include resume (if available) , demo reel (if available), agent(s)/agency info, your contact info, at least 1 full body photo and 1 headshot (professional headshots are not required; however do make sure image is clear enough to be viewed well) Below is a list of available roles. Thank you in advance for your exceptionalism.

Natalie (Female) (Age range: late teens – mid 20s/Body type: Angelic, Model type/Ethnicity: Any)
Priscilla’s bestfriend, outgoing, wise, adventurous, confident without ever condescending, witty, naturally funny, great comedic timing

Marsha (Female) Age range: late 40s – early 60s/Body type: Any/Ethnicity: Any)
Adorable’s adoptive grandmother, wise, eclectic, outgoing, open minded, naturally calm aura, spiritually inclined

Max (Male) (Age range: early 40s – mid 70s/Body type: Any/Ethnicity: Any)
Manager of “Silly Burger”, comically grumpy, forgetful, lazy yet proficient, warm and loving

Lydia (Female) (Age range: mid 40s – mid 70s/Body type: Any/ Ethnicity: Any)
Asst manager of “Silly Burger”, old fashioned southern woman with soul

Kimber (Female) (Age range: late 20s – early 40s/ Body type: Any/Ethnicity: Any)
Ra’s regular house sitting client

Brenda: (Female) (Age range: 13-16yrs old/Body type: Any/Ethnicity: Any)
Neighborhood snack salesperson, business minded, articulate, smooth talker type, warm hearted

Adorable (Female) (Age range: 9-12 yrs old/Body type: Any/Ethnicity: Must at least appear to be at least mixed with darker ethnicity)
Ra’s daughter, outgoing, majestic, mystical, great comedic timing, witty, peace-loving

Thalia (Female) Age range: early – late 30s/Body type: Any/Ethnicity: Any)
Priscilla’s mother, open minded, optimistic, warm hearted

Teyonna (Female) (Age range: mid to late 20s/Body type: Angelic, model type/Ethnicity: African-American

Ms. Matera (Female) (Age range: late 20s – mid 30s/Body type: Any/Ethnicity: Any)
Ra’s kindergarten teacher, calm aura, patient

Eddy (Male) (Age range: mid 20s – early 30s/Body type: Athletic, tall, and lanky/Ethnicity: African-American
One of Ra’s adoptive mother’s boyfriend, smooth talker, cunning

Kishawn (Male) (Age range: 12-16yrs old/Body type: Athletic/Ethnicity: Any)
Neighborhood kid, rowdy, rambunctious

Keralaa: (Female) (Age range: 12-16 yrs old/Body type: Average/Ethnicity: Any
Ra’s neighbor and first “serious” girlfriend, sly, cunning, money oriented,

Nulty (Male) (Age range: 12-16 yrs old/Body type: Any/Ethnicity: Any
Ra’s childhood bestfriend, witty, naturally funny, awkward comedic timing

Jershelle (Female) (Age range: 12-16 yrs old/Body type: Any/Ethnicity: African-American)
Neighborhood kid, calm aura, peaceful, usually mediator

Morlon (Male) (Age range: 12-16 yrs old/Body type: Average/Ethnicity: African-American)
One of Ra’s childhood bestfriends, illustrator, reserved, enjoys laughing

**Extras and minor roles**
All ages all ethnicities all body types welcome to submit (subject line should include your name along with “EXTRA/MINOR ROLES” , email content should include demo reel, at least 1 full body photo and 1 headshot)

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Atlanta, Ga
Please submit to:

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