Reality Dating Show “Winning at Love” Now Casting Nationwide


A new dating reality show is casting singles.

The show is seeking to cast singles that think they can outplay the competition to win a major prize and maybe even find the love of their life.

Doron Ofir Casting is searching the nation for a cast of sexy singles that have what it takes to win the envy and admiration of a national audience.

This epic, all-in dating competition series requires you to use your every advantage to outlast your fellow singles in a game with a major prize and the very real possibility of finding the greatest prize of all, LOVE.

How will you play? Are you willing to seduce, charm, romance, manipulate or make alliances? Do you have the attributes and assets to win it all?
Set in a mysterious, exotic paradise, you and your competitors will live in the lap of luxury, with the goal to stay as long as possible.

If you’re ready to live the dream, find love, become a legend, and have the adventure of a lifetime, this is your one chance to do it all.

If you are ready for the adventure, see this page for all the details.

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