Actors in Los Angeles for Sizzle Reel


Untitled Sizzle Reel Fantasy/Comedy

Location: Los Angeles, California

Type: Other Projects

Looking for actors who are starting out in their acting career or need material to build their reel. This is a non-paid project, but clips of your performance will be provided.

Casting a small sizzle reel for a pilot. This will be filmed on Saturday February 13, 2021. You must test for COVID 3 days prior to the shoot, please. This will be a small and safe production.


Jinn (Caucasian/Male/Age: 25-28): A troubled spirit that comes in human form as a post graduate, surfer guy. While he may look like a tall, fit and intimidating dude, he is actually a really gentle soul.

Eleanor (Caucasian/German/ Female/Age: 74-83): Eleanor is a retired plastic surgeon technician who is the land lord / roommate of our main lead. She came to the US from Germany when she was 20 and still has her accent. *Must enjoy comedy*.

Jada (Black/African American/Female/Age: 55-64): Jada is an online tarot card reader with Angela Bassett energy. She is smart, poised and very charming. If you have done tarot card reading before, that is a huge and fun plus!

Immigration Lawyer (Any Ethnicity/ Male or LGBTQ+/36-50): This immigration lawyer wanted to help people, but after years of doing this, he is severely burned out. The system is horrible. *Must enjoy comedy*.

Lawyer’s Assistant (Any Ethnicity/Female/30-38): This is just a job to her. She honestly has other passions, but at least she does not have to smile for anyone. *Must enjoy comedy*.

Chad (Caucasian/Male/Age: 23-30): He works as a set PA because his dad is the AD. He is entitled and has “do you know who my father is” energy.

Jamal (Black/African American/Male/Age: 28-33): Handsome, caring and hubby material. Jamal is a Sudanese American who is about to get married. He is a very supportive man who has his life together.

Please submit your headshot/photo and feel free to recommend non actors who would be interested for any of the other roles.

Feel free to ask me any questions.


Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, California
Please submit to: by 2021-01-30
Headshot/Photo. Video Reel not required, but you can tell me about yourself.

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