Auditions in Evansville, IN for a Table Read of Feature Film

Misfits Christmas

Location: Evansville, IN

Type: Film

We’re looking for a few actors to do a read-through for a feature length movie:


Primary Cast: college-aged characters

Location: Evansville, IN

Script Reading: 3 hours on Sunday afternoon

Plot: At his parents’ investment property beach house, Scott hosts Christmas festivities every year for their motley crew of friends who have nowhere else to go. Over the course of four Christmases, eight college students learn that even the most dysfunctional friends can be more than family.

Character Breakdowns:

Reader of the screenplay’s stage directions.

18-22, passionate, unfairly smart and pretty. Starts out broken hearted, ends up taking control of her emotions and relationships, becoming a fiery young woman of strength.

19-23, charismatic, mussy haired, actor with a touch of geek. He’s the weed toking, hopelessly romantic glue of the friend group, chasing the wrong girl.

18-22 poster boy for white privilege, immature, stubborn, cocky, self-centered, with a confident, disarming smile, outspoken to a fault. His good looks and charisma disguise his flaws. He must change before he loses what matters most.

18-22, stunning, bubbly, immature, looking for men to fill the gap in her life left by father figures that were never there. Her dance major becomes a failed dream leaving her on a downward spiral, lost and conflicted.

17-21 Scott’s trophy girlfriend, sweet, quiet, underappreciated, avoids confrontation, and loyal to a fault. She must learn to value her own self worth.

18-22, fun African American male, med student from Beverly Hills spoon-fed a life he doesn’t want. When he takes steps to be his own man, it costs him the support of his family and the financial security they had provided him. This is the sacrifice he’s making for his own independence.

18-22, Open minded with a heart of gold but insecure. He is lovelorn, and often hides himself in other people’s problems. He is intelligent, cultured, and overweight; but wears it well. He is the underappreciated father figure of the group.

19-23, an athletic fraternity stud from Texas with cowboy swagger having a tough time letting even his best friend know what’s going on with him, which he fears will cost him his friends.

About This Script Reading: “A Misfits Christmas” won the New Mexico International Film Festival Best Screenplay Award. If selected, you will be reading your part in this complete feature-film screenplay for the actual writer and future director of this project. You can learn about him at We hope to receive your submission ASAP. You may submit your headshots, resumes, and contact information for casting consideration to

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Evansville, IN
Please submit to:
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