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Stardom, the Musical

Location: nationwide

Type: Theater

Stardom dramatizes Humankind’s evolution and the evolution of our consciousness. It is both dramatic and full of fun and humor for audiences of all ages. You can read the story and additional information on our website:


SPARKLE, female, age 14-20; a teenager; an old soul in a young body, bright and ingenuous, preferably with outstanding dance and acrobatic abilities.
MAYA, female, age 30-40; (the Earth); in her thirties: a robust and soulful woman with unassuming power and a great capacity for love and devotion.
LEON, male, age 40-50; (the Sun); in his mid-forties or older: tall and well built; an imposing figure, exuding great authority.
AVA, female, age 25-35; (every-woman); in her mid-twenties to early thirties, average height and weight. Her nature is warm, tender, loving and eager to express itself. But she compensates for a lack of self-trust by being considerate to a fault, struggling to trust her inner feelings. Living by her truth is her greatest challenge.
TAR, male, age 25-35; (every-man); in his mid-twenties to early thirties, average height and weight. He transforms from an innocent youth; full of curiosity and compassionate heart, into a demanding and power seeking man. In spite of this, he retains an endearing sympathetic charm.
LUNA, female, age 25-35; (the Moon); in her twenties or older; spunky, spontaneous, and opinionated, with a rebellious nature.
MERCURY, male, age 20-30; in his twenties: emotionally naive, but amiable, inquisitive and intellectually sharp.
VENUS, female, age 30-50; a luscious beauty, oozing sensuality and femininity, with a loving gentility; a kind of mature innocence, but sometimes seeming not too bright.
MARS, male, age 30-50; a macho man with exaggerated self-confidence and limited mental capacity, powerfully built and reactive. He could be in his thirties or older.
JUPITER, male, age 50-60; in his fifties or older, with a rotund body: jovial, flamboyant and prone to over-indulgence; with great rhetorical skills.
SATURN, male, age 40-55; controlled and controlling, self-aggrandizing and fastidious. He can be in his forties or older.
URANUS, male, age 35-55; in his forties or older, rational, logical, pragmatic and self-involved; a bit of a mad scientist.
NEPTUNE, female, age 60-80; an older mature woman: gaunt, imposing, and dignified, with an eccentric manner and flowing articulate speech.
PLUTO, male, age 30-45; in his thirties or older: tall and lean or short and wiry. He is eloquently silver tongued with an understated, immovable sense of confidence and power.

Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Resume
Required Skills: Acting Techniques

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide
Please submit to:
Reading for new musical in development. It is not necessary to be a musical theater actor to audition. Union members are welcomed. 1. Read the character descriptions on the and discover the character with which you feel the greatest atonement. 2. Email your resume and acting demo video to We accept submissions by April 7, 2021 Rehearsals and Zoom presentation to a worldwide audience will be in April; TBA.

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