Singers Nationwide for Musical Demo


Singers Needed For New Musical Demo Album

Location: Nationwide

Type: Singers

We follow a Jewish family as they are sent to Aushwitz Concentration Camp during the Holocaust. Twins, Edith and Brigitte are taken from their mother to get the horrifying Nazi Twin Experiments Done On Them. How much pain and torture will they have to go through before it can stop?

Edith & Brigitte – The Twin Leads in which the show revolves around. Female, Lead, Ages 11-14
Josef Mengele – The evil doctor who lead the experiments. Male, Lead, Age 18+
Charlotte- The Twins Mother, who’s husband left them, she cares for the children on her own. Female, Lead, 18+
Anton – The Twins father who left and moved to America, abandoning them. Male, Ensemble, Age 18+
Samantha – Anton’s new wife from America, who had no clue about the existence of his German Family. Female, Ensemble, Age 18+
Julia Nowak – A background girl who later tells Anton what happened to his family. Female, Ensemble, Age 13-23
Nazi Solider #1-#3 – They are the main Nazis who follow direct orders from Josef. Male, Featured, Age 18+
Doctor #1-#4 – The doctors who perform the experiments on the kids. Male, Ensemble, Age 18+
Brigitte & Edith Jr – The grandchildren of Anton who have dedicated their lives to telling the story of Brigitte and Edith. Female, Featured, Age 13-18
Ensemble – Will play background and smaller roles. Any gender, Ensemble, Age 10+

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: by 2021-06-30
Please send Headshot and Resume and a slate

This casting notice was posted by: Grown Up FTT Productions

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