Voice Actors and Animators for Web Series


The Adventures of Flare

Location: Nationwide

Type: Web series

The Adventure of Flare’s overall plotline:

A night of sky and smog, a depressed and devastated scientist despairs on popularity. As you see he creates the Turtantanium and becomes a superhero. The scientist’s name is Kyle Red. He becomes the superhero Flare with fire and flying powers, and he becomes a happy but a selfish, egocentric person. This animation is supposed to be the first of many animated movies to set-up a cinematic universe. When he drops in the Turtantanium, one of his desperate inventions of impressing people; the largest hamburger in the world, grabs some of the juice and becomes intelligent. Since Flare is too busy getting all the attention, being in movies, etc.., The hamburger gets more smarter and stronger, soon hunting down Flare and killing people in his studio of movies. He sees the dead bodies and knows what’s up, so he goes to his ‘friend’ Mr. Science.

The Adventures of Flare media:


Overall art style a required artist/animator should have –

The Advetures of Flare – Promotion Poster | QueenJamJam

The Adventures of Flare | Teaser Clip

The Adventures of Flare | Flare Reference Sheet

The Adventures of Flare | Promotion Poster

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: creeperscomicsinc@gmail.com by 2021-04-19
Looking for some voice actors, composers, artists, or animators in-general to support the cast. Please give your best voice acting lines, best art, or best animation examples and you will be accepted.

This casting notice was posted by: CCI Studios

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