Home Owners in Los Angeles for New HGTV Renovation Home Show

By | June 23, 2022

Casting Call for HGTV home makeover TV show.

HGTV is currently looking for home owners in the Los Angeles area who are totally ready to finally renovate their homes.

Got a kitchen that needs serious help?

Does that bathroom scream for a remodel?

Does the personality of your home not completely match your own personality?

Are you looking for a way to blend your family’s and your own lifestyle into the home that you own?

Well, if you live in the Los Angeles county or the county of San Gabriel (also in southern California)… casting directors for an HGTV home show would love to hear all about it.

The show is casting homeowners in the counties of Los Angeles and San Gabriel.

According to the show, Veronica Valencia and her team of experts may be able to help you realize your dream home and get your home featuired on HGTV once its all done.

Last Few Weeks Of Casting! Apply today!

Award-winning production company now casting NEW home renovation show looking for homeowners in Los Angeles.

The series is a renovation show with a twist. We use genealogists to uncover forgotten elements of your family’s history and incorporate that along with your design style into a unique tailored design for your home. Have an award-winning contractor/design team create your dream home.
Apply today at https://forms.gle/AkaXmSMijjB6GX416 or email socalcasting@rtrmedia.com for details.


One thought on “Home Owners in Los Angeles for New HGTV Renovation Home Show

  1. Lilah-Tonya

    I’d like to apply for the renovation of my mom’s home which is over 80 years old here in Los Angeles near the USC college area. She has lived in this home since she was age 12. She married in this home, as did I. My mom, Linda, is now disabled and living in a two story home. She has trouble getting out of bed, so an adjustable bed would be ideal for helping her get up to go to the bathroom which can take up to 40 minutes sometimes. My two sons Angel and George live with, and care for her daily needs from showering, dressing, to cleaning and cooking along with doctor’s appointments. She needs a ramp that will take her up and downstairs and a walk in tub she can soak in when the rod in her spine gives her trouble. The house needs rewiring and has asbestos in the basement. The heater doesn’t work, so winters can get brutal without an electric blanket. Using the stove for heat has caused some breathing problems for mom, so she has to brave the cold because the circuitry can’t take a plug in heater. She has a handyman, but he does what he can, but isn’t licensed for most of what he does to keep my mom happy, but complains that his shoulder is out. My boys are not in the best health–they all have back problems. Needless to say, a home renovation would make my 79 year old mom ecstatic. She’s in okay health despite her limitations, but changing her surroundings would keep depression at bay. Home she qualifies.


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