Independent Horror Short Film Casting in Chicago

By | May 2, 2022

LR Films


PROJECT TITLE: Independent Horror Short Film Casting in Chicago

‘No One Lives Upstairs’ is a horror short film shooting in the Chicago area with a single day shoot schedule for the principal actors.

Synopsis: Kristen has recently separated from her boyfriend and moved into a new apartment. Before her arrival an upstairs neighbor died a mysterious death, an event so recent the police tape still dangles from the staircase. But despite this, Kristen hears footsteps from the apartment above, and curiosity overtakes her, making her take a trip upstairs to explore.

This short film has an estimated running time of 10 min. Please read the character description in detail before responding.

Casting: ‘Kristen’ (mid 20’s, race/ethnicity not specified) is occupying her mind with the mystery of the upstairs as a way of diverting her attentions from her regrets over her breakup. When she gets involved in the doings above her it becomes a rabbit hole she was not ready for. Kristen’s story is told through her reactions to the events around her, from hurt and regret over her breakup, to shock and fear over what she finds above. For the role you have several changes of clothes, including a business casual outfit. The role also has scenes of nudity (not implied). The scenes are clearly delineated in the script. Compensation will be $200 paid in cash at the end of the shoot. Actors will be given a link that will be posted for a few days to allow you to view the finished film. If you would like a clip cut from the film to use in your reel it will be provided.

The director is fully vaccinated and boosted. Seeking actors who have also been vaccinated.


SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Headshot, resume and cover letter


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