New Cable Network Show Casting People Needing Sentimental Items Restored or Replaced


Would you love to surprise somebody by getting a cherished, nostalgic item restored?

If you have someone in your life who is sentimental and has a cherished, sentimental item that may be long gone and you would love to give them a gift of one that will be restored by experts… perhaps for a special occasion like a birthday, producers and casting directors for a show would like to hear from you.

A new US television series for a major cable network is looking to either replace or restore or even replicate vintage items that have sentimental value for somebody you know. Everything from granny’s rocking chair to a banana seat bike to an old LP player.  Whatever the item, they would like to hear about it and the story behind the item

Furniture, electronics, family heirlooms and many other things that have nostalgic value will be considered for restoration, replacement or even replication.

Those interested may check out the casting notice on this page for all the details on how to submit your story to the show for consideration.


New TV series for top US cable network seeks fun and heart-felt stories involving rare collectibles, pop culture, heirlooms, and vintage items. Everything from the 70s, 80s, and 90s (or older) including old furniture, signs, collectible toys, coin operated machines, tools, cars, motorcycles, pinball machines, vintage electronics, etc. will be considered.
If someone in your life could benefit from having their favorite antique/vintage item restored — and you have a great story behind it — we want to hear from you.

To be considered, apply here:


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