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Get on Squid Games The Challenge.

If so, here is a shot on getting into the reality TV version of the mega popular Korean show.  That’s right…Squid Game is coming to reality TV for season 2 of “Squid Game: The Challenge.”  Yeah, the casting call is for season 2. Guess that means it has an enormous amount of popularity, that many have somehow missed. The show apparently was released last fall as season 1 and has now been renewed for a second season. The news is mixed as it looks like while it came out last year, American markets seem to be touting it for the first time. Guess we shall all wait and see.  Given the popularity of the drama series, have a feeling we shall see much more about the reality show in coming months.

Personally, I know about the drama series, yet, I like many seemed to have missed the debut of the real life challenge.  Unlike the drama series, the only thing on the line in this reality challenge is actually money and maybe some pride.

The show is being touted as one of the biggest reality shows ever which is hoping to cast over 400 contestants.  Yep, forget the reality shows that have a cast of a dozen competitors, Netflix is going large by expanding that cast to multiples of hundreds and is willing to give the last contestant standing close to 5 million for the win.

Unlike most of the US reality competitions which tend to stick to US residents, this show will be going all out, globally.  Auditions for Squid Games: The Challenge are being held as video auditions and location is not an issue.  Casting for the new competition reality show is open globally.  Now, there are some restrictions.  The show is meant for the English speaking market and therefore, only open to people who would love to compete on Squid Games The challenge and can speak English.

For those not familiar with the show, the premise is as follows:

Hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept an invitation to compete in children’s games for a tempting prize, but the stakes are deadly.

While many of us will fight it out to the end to lose some debt, the reality competition has no intention of making anyone go that far.

Netflix is touting the show as the biggest competition of all time and they are putting up the biggest prize of all time. Currently, the show and its producers are saying that the amount of cash on the line for the winner is almost 5 million…yeah, 5 million.

Now, to claim that 5 million, competitors may be asked to beat the competition which in this scenario will be 100’s of people, not just a few.  The good news is that having so many competitors on the show increases the chances of getting a spot.

Open auditions for Squid Game: The Challenge:

The auditions for Squid Game are open to English speakers worldwide.  No need to actually leave your house to attend an open cattle call, its all being done virtually for now.  The Netflix show and its casting team have setup an online audition process that allows potential competitors to apply from pretty much anywhere in the world.  In fact, the show has broken the online audition process into three segments which are US applicants, UK applicants and Global applicants.  Each section has their own casting form which potential competitors must fill out in order to be considered to be on Squid Game.

The one thing that casting directors want everyone applying to know is that this is the application for the reality competition and that there is really no physical danger to anyone who actually get on the show.  Yep, unlike the actual show, no physical harm will come to those that lose.  The only damage you may face will be that of your own pride.

Pride actually isn’t the only thing on the line for the competitors who get cast to be on Squid Games… lots of money is as well.  The show is offering one of the biggest prizes ever… close to 5 million dollars.


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