Actor Auditions in Winston-Salem for Indie Film “Sweet Pea”

By | January 11, 2023

Casting for an upcoming film being shot in the Winston-Salem/Triad area this upcoming February “Sweet Pea.”

Written and Directed by: Clarke Phillips
Produced by: Miles McKeller-Smith

In a world where oxygen is a commodity, a young woman must find a way to provide for her younger sister who suffers from a respiratory disease, or lose her to social services.

After a failed attempt at becoming a full-time artist, Vanessa does her best to ration out the remaining oxygen in her apartment for her younger siblings – Josie and Marcus – until she can afford more. While searching for ways to survive financially, Ms. Angie, Vanessa’s social worker, warns that Josie will be removed from Vanessa’s custody if she doesn’t provide for her soon. Marcus suggests Vanessa become a fighter at a local underground boxing ring where winners earn air filters. Vanessa rejects his idea, but when Josie’s asthma flares up again, she puts her pride aside and fights.

Independent Short Film in Winston-Salem, NC
Filming February 17-19, 2023

SEEKING – Roles:
Baked Mac (Supporting)
20-30s, all ethnicities, female. Baked Mac is a regular at Frankie’s underground boxing ring. She’s not the top fighter in the ring; however, she can easily take on the average person. Baked Mac is cocky, but if another boxer takes her down, they earn her respect.
Ms. Angie (Supporting)
30s, person of color, female. Ms. Angie is Vanessa’s social worker. She is sympathetic towards Vanessa but carries out her duties no matter how emotionally taxing they may be. Ms. Angie is stern with Vanessa but is always rooting for her.

Casting Director: Adriana Herring
Audition Location: Video Submissions
Submission Due Date: EOD January 13, 2023

If you’re interested in auditioning for these roles, please send your headshot and desired role to where audition sides for each role will be made available.

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