Are you Worried About Never Getting Married?

By | September 29, 2023

CASTING: New relationship series for people tired of being the only single one of their friends/family.

Are friends/and family concerned or overly involved with your dating life, constantly asking to set you up or hear about your latest dates?
Have you or has someone in your life why wondered you’re in this position? Are you eager to try something new to find lasting love?

Tired of swiping on the apps while all your pals are swapping rings?

Are you or someone you know worried about never getting married?
Are friends and family constantly involved in your dating life?
Done being the odd one out in your squad?


U.S.-based real people who are still single at ages 28-45.
People past that “early 20s” phase of dating and still haven’t found “the one.”
Outgoing individuals who are watching friends get married and settle down, and want the same things in their own life.
Entertaining singles who are open to an unconventional way of finding love with the support of their friends and family!

Team of Emmy-Award-Winning producers is looking for energetic US-based singles between 28-45 who are ready to find love with the help of their friends and family.
Apply here:

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