Casting US Families To Go To Australia for A Family Game Show “The Quiz With Balls”

By | November 16, 2023


Currently casting for a BRAND new show coming to the US!

Seems like the Australian game show “The Quiz with Balls” is coming to the US market, however, casting directors for the show are looking for families in the US that can travel to Australia for the first season of the US version of the show.

According to Deadline, Eureka Productions, the company behind ABC’s Holey Moley and Netflix’s The Mole, also John De Mol’s Talpa recently landed a U.S. version

The Quiz with Balls” is a unique trivia game show that injects a refreshing twist into the conventional quiz format. Hosted by engaging personalities, the show combines general knowledge questions with an element of physical challenge, creating a dynamic and entertaining experience for contestants and viewers alike. As participants strive to answer questions correctly, they face physical obstacles that add an exciting and often humorous dimension to the game. The interactive nature of “The Quiz with Balls” keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, making it a thrilling blend of knowledge and physical prowess.

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Searching for families of five (Think family feud style…it still has to be a “blood” connection but it can be your favorite Aunt / Uncle, cousin, second cousin, it can be your brother or sister in law and then their family members as well) & also it will be filmed in AUSTRALIA so everyone must have a passport.


Everyone MUST be over 18 & MUST have a current valid passport. We won’t accept anyone who doesn’t have one currently. DM me if you’re interested, have any questions or let me know if you know any fun outgoing families who might be perfect for this opportunity! Link to apply is below.

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